RonRichie: implementing.

Bassette: Tcsc: a game using the dom, or canvas?

Markstrom: At least it’s not just front-enderitis, where people animate everything just cuz they can

Bachmeier: Canvas would be a non-issue.

Bassette: Well id complain regardless of what it was using as a lib/framework

Soppe: I’m not super thrilled about getting this

Bassette: I can definitely see your issues

Pisegna: Most of the time i say happily in webgl land.

Gabaree: Hey everyone – I’m trying to use babel to compile some JS for a node server, and I want the server and the client to share bits of code. Everything works fine for the client because browserify gathers together the dependency tree, but is there something similar for the server?

Zubek: I mean i got all the things done i had to, but it was clear that it wasn’t meant for this.

Bassette: Tcsc: sorry for the snark btw :p I didn’t expect you to say you were working on a game with react.

Bassette: I made one game with react, its performance is ****

Bassette: Did it for a hackathon and won a drone though

Herston: This isn’t a game that has to be super high performance

Gompf: It’s uh, pretty trivial

Bassette: But yeah dom games **** imo

Bassette: Unless its dhtml lemmings

Bassette: That game still kicks ***.

Bassette: Http://

Bassette: For anyone who hasnt seen it

Bassette: I think its from 2006 or so

Fee: Alright, time to bail before someone asks me to do a build and i’m stuck here for another hour

Kanta: Hi guys is there a javascript function to take out an html element like script? or do I have to use regex on the html page?

Hislope: And if its by using regex, how do I go about using regex on the html?

Abee: Script tags are sorta important I think

Palakiko: I hear parsing html with regex is the best way

Castillanos: B***ette: the music videos on that lemmings page

Fuhrer: Huh! these underscore functions are tough to reimplement lol. i barely did this some function and got stuck with even tougher one to implement, this extend function, holy crap lol

Uresti: This underscore.js creators must be geniuses or something lol damn thing even looks intimidating and overwhelming, let alone implementing them on your own :-/

Swyers: Someone here told me to use WebSockets to connect to my Python server using javascript. I’m experiencing some issues. Here’s the code

Valotta: When the connection opens, I don’t get an alert.

Hackford: Hey there. Is there anyway to get the screen size without the zoom level affecting the result?

Streeby: RonRichie: if you’re just starting then the underscore functions might be tough to reimplement. after a year or so you will probably not think so.

Capoccia: Tcsc couldn’t agree more, Ive been learning programming for 5 months at mostand JS happens to be my first language and I’ve been accepted to a coding school and implementing many of underscore functions is just only a part of the pre-course prerequisites lol, Ive yet to get to recursions which gonna on next chapter and I imagine those being tougher than implementing these underscore functions :-/

Lautzenheiser: Phale i’d normally use addEventListener

Teruel: And I’ve no technical background what-so-ever :-/

Hauze: Im trying to make this form to work, whenever I click on AM button then the input box should be populated with 07:00

Lions: Http://

Galardi: Robdubya: whats that?

Hogenmiller: Hey guys im trying to populate a select using ajax, now this bit was easy however i use another script on the original page to style the multiselect but i cant get it to work

Sprouse: RonRichie: implementing underscore is probably harder. recursion is just is a concept you need to understand.