Remember when you told me.

Fohn: Phale yes, clear the canvas and redraw

Libutti: Err, that definition of IIFE misses out the ; !

Mcdermid: Ankr: but what if I have multiple rectangles

Remus: And want one to stay?

Dellacioppa: So I dont clear the whole canvas

Giorgini: Phale clearRect takes coordinates

Purdin: If I have an object. and I am adding elements like this obj9 = “hello”; obj10 = “bye”; obj8 = “test”; is it possible to retain the order of the elements? so if you did a console.log on the object the key order would be 9,10,8 ? at the moment it just automatically puts it in numerical order

Gravino: Kingsy: no, objects have no ordering of members.

Byam: So I better use an array then

Lindauer: The order is important in this case.

Argue: Hmm an array should preserve the order right?

Piske: Yes, but you’ll have to insert an object of text and whatever that non-index-index is

Giammona: Piske an object or text?

Piske: Arr.push{text: ‘hello’, number: 10}

Widman: Ah I see what you mean

Piske: Well, arr.concat{text: ‘hello’, number: 10} if we’re being functional about this :v

Criscione: I’m using Google’s Javascript API v3 to display a map. it had it working before, but for some reason it’s not rendering correctly at the moment and I can’t figure out what is wrong. If anyone wants to take a look, example and code is up at

Vahle: The maps code is at the top of

Blad: Maybe I should mention that this happens on Chrome win8

Spragley: Placidb: what is broken

Kauzlarich: It looks correct for me

Fagnani: What am i looking for?

Hearin: IsFinite = null; isFinite0;

Mate: Heroman: TypeError: isFinite is not a function

Mayfield: Im trying to clear some text, any idea why it leaves some sort of white “stroke” behind it?

Hawn: Hey guys, is there a way to change the URL after pageload, without refreshing the page

Ashby: Ahh, so breaking Array doesn’t affect array literals.

Heizman: JohnConstantine: why dont u google

Scariano: Http://

Maski: Kalinoski: i got the code here, it runs inside chromium but the search button does not work in a extention using:

Babers: Not cogent to the channel topic, I know. I’m just proud of my results. 3

Lail: Xatenev: I fixed it right after I posed the question, sorry :. Thank you for taking a look.

Agarwal: Good Morning Guys and Happy Monday! :

Sneeden: Happy Statistically Most Likely To Have A Heart Attack Day. :3

Flathers: Heroman, maybe you are right :

Richert: I am writing something on ECMA Script 6 and I am trying to get familiar with the Promises paradigm.

Folsom: How can I implement a Promise interface in ECMAScript 6?

Kaaua: Anyone on ECMAScript JavaScript interface implementation?

Balow: I haven’t gotten much into ES6.

Kurban: But someone else here may still be able to help you. I suggest you be patient. :#

Verling: Accidentally had shift key down.

Vaz: HikaruBG: you want to implement your own Promises thingie?

Trickey: Hylle! I wanted to show you something. :3

Devey: Hylle Oh no, you found me.

Molleda: HikaruBG: this is the specification: It’s pretty awkward

Haswell: Remember when you told me you have vision problems, and my font designs were too small and scrunched to see?