RedAero: in case you are.

Stuchlik: Tcsc: kinda idea

Stuchlik: I’m just messing about, thought maybe they should bounce off each other or something

Illas: Yeah, you’d want to do real collision detection for that

Stuchlik: What’s real collision?

Stuchlik: I can google this actually if that’s a ‘proper name’ or whatever

Ramariz: Smgs: I got tired of Euler when I realized that beyond basic stuff and syntax, you learn nothing about problem solving with programs, but you leanr a lot of useless, abstract math

Stuchlik: RedAero: do you have a math background ?

Hashem: RedAero: it is just basic maths and not much. really

Mitsuda: Baxx: just collision detection.

Shetley: Useless in the pursuit of solving my day-to-day problems with programs

Theall: You’d want to not use a way to fake it

Jerido: Like you do with particle systems

Spillane: Engineering background

Stuchlik: Tcsc: By fake it what do you mean – like when they hit the edge of the screen?

Hashem: RedAero: at my work suddenly something cropped up and being tried some PE problems i did it easily. it is worth it

Gubala: Uh, usually you do stuff based on density

Koelling: Move particles away from areas of high density

Szollosi: That wouldnt work here though

Stuchlik: Tcsc: oh. hmm, I don’t think I’ve set any density values in here

Naff: No, it’s not applicable for this

Hashem: RedAero: Engineering background. in that case you should and must be solve 25 problems at least of PE.

Prahm: Thats more for smoke, liquids, fire, etc. particles

Cocherell: This you want hard collisions.

Stuchlik: Right, that’s cool I hadn’t thought of those :

Stuchlik: Tcsc: is this the AABB collision or somehting ?

Bayes: What does this do: .split/s+/

Stuchlik: Django_: my guess is split on whitespace.

Vasbinder: You’d need to do bounding circle collisions here.

Ratkovich: Baxx: why not just split’ ‘

Philippi: Since these are clearly circles.

Specht: Bounding box collisions would look wrong

Bleak: Smgs: I solved a dozen or so but it simply didn’t motivate me

Eisenhardt: The stuff that caused me problems wasn’t the programming, it was the math

Blad: Which I don’t need to know any more of to be able to code a text p****r

Dame: What about: indexOfx != -1

Hashem: RedAero, like ? it is just basic maths for 25 problems. i guess

Bainard: For example:

Ducrepin: Bruteforcing these it trivial, and also slow

Jeanmard: And optimization comes not from programming skill, but math knowledge, mostly number theory

Hashem: 1 Min. it cannot be bruteforced i guess. looking into RedAero

Requarth: Https://

Schildgen: This is a bruteforce one

Hashem: RedAero we have to reverse check from 987654321, – all its combinations and then to 87654321 – all its combinations.

Hashem: RedAero should we try the 41st ?

Cabotage: Anyway, this isn’t programming

Gordey: And it doesn’t interest me

Hashem: Yes. this is maths. easy basic one.

Stuchlik: Tcsc: one thing about the checking for bounding box/circle is that it would have to iterate over every object wouldn’t it? I guess this approach is ok ?

Martinex: Thats why i was mentioning using a grid as a spatial partition

Hashem: RedAero: in case you are more interested in programming i would like to know how would be get all the combinations of let say 123 -123,321,132,231,213,312