Primarily because of a.

Shahinian: HOLY ****! It happened, a real the first real NodeJS release in 2 years.

Ornelaz: They hadn’t updated it in two years?

Shahinian: Tcsc: That’s a half lie.

Shahinian: They released 0.12 about 6 months ago. but it was dead on arrival Shipped with an unmaintained version of V8 and an old version of libuv

Ornelaz: Weird, i thought they maintained libuv

Shahinian: Tcsc: It kind of evolved into its own project.

Cunico: Hey guys, anyone here used Twitch discussion?

Khalid: I’m trying to monitor the chat using it, but unable to connect to their server. Looking for help

Hersom: My library looks ugly, I do bad CSS

Shahinian: Then get better at CSS :

Ornelaz: Its okay felishia, css is terrible

Mentzer: Hey guys, I’m new to web programming, and am taking an Internet Programming cl*** at my University. We need to come up with a project idea for an end of semester thing

Mittelsteadt: I work with lawyers, and wanted to make a thing that pulls like, links of latest court rulings from websites, and wanted to know if such a thing was feasible in JS, or if I should look elsewhere?

Ortelli: Moleboy: That sounds a little complex

Ortelli: You’d need some way to filter it down

Ostermiller: Buu: forgive me, what do you mean by filter it down?

Ortelli: Moleboy: Well, for starters are you learning node?

Monda: Why would you code that in js? i mean… i wouldn’t use a jackhammer to put a nail in my wall just to hang a picture… At the same time, I wouldn’t pull out a 1/4” driver ratchet to try and unbolt my transmission.

Zagacki: You could use JS to obviously present the data, along with a combination of html5 and so forth.

Lavani: But to go out and find the data sets?

Frometa: I’d look at a different language.

Camper: Node.js is pretty easy to work with.

Vanderzee: Buu: I am not learning Node, but I can!

Hallinger: Seems easier than learning *two* languages

Colasamte: I’m happy to learn any language, which is why I’m asking around __

Verbridge: Programming languages are pretty simple….

Durfee: Indeed–which is why I’m just trying to find the best tool for this job

Laib: If you know one scripting language? You know them all. If you know one programming language? You can work with them all.

Giessinger: Moleboy: what exactly do you want to accomplish?

Rosasco: Do you have specific sites you want to essentially crawl to find data from?

Pfotenhauer: Most of my work has been systems work C/C++, and I’ve never done anything web based, so it’s a cool learning expeience =

Erb: And then hold that data elsewhere and display it?

Boxer: Well, I’m a C lover… takes cover from rocks and dirty underwear that might fly his way

Earheart: Sorry, hit backspace and it went back

Vess: C is my bestest friend

Beaner: Moleboy, JavaScript node and Python are good tools for web scraping

Wartchow: Yea, I have 2-3 websites Anonola that I want to pull their latest links from. Kinda like this:

Bakken: I wouldn’t really refer to Node.JS as JavaScript – but that’s me, personally.

Hergert: JS is a bit better but more difficult to understand

Klump: I mean, it IS by all means server-side JS…

Hallinger: Ugh, the tx courts system is bullllll****.

Woodbeck: But hearing JavaScript to refer to node makes me cringe 😀

Wulfing: Hallinger: I agree = I could go on for hours how it’s bull**** and *****ed up

Buhl: Primarily because of a former colleague who couldn’t cold a hello world app in BASH scripting let alone any other language.