Phale: Do you *really* need.

Connel: For me the choice is very easy, i much prefer having a prototype over ****ysing tools :

Disalvatore: Is that an either or thing? I think it depends on what you’re developing

Leota: Sure. And which new tools you want to introduce.

Muckenfuss: I think rapid prototyping is great for testing out new ideas, creating proof-of-concepts and so on.

Houey: Using mercurial instead of git is less of an investment than, say, writing the entire thing in haskell instead of c#

Jaco: But as soon as a code base matures, I prefer tools and languages that focuses on correctness and bug squashing

Hoerr: Becomes harder to completely swap out tools and languages as the code base becomes mature, though

Shape: I mean, im fairly certain thats the only reason why facebook is still stuck with php 😛

Gouse: Too large and mature codebase to make a complete switch now

Ditti: Well, “becomes mature” is a fleeting definition

Ocallaghan: I meant the stage beyond proof-of-concept

Ilg: I’d argue thats also a fleeting definition :

Proksch: Like, you can prototype first, flesh out the design and then reimplement it

Shackle: Im definitely a fan of refactoring often – especially in the early stages

Bluto: Anyways, people will argue either way on these matters until the sun goes nova :

Sessom: And perhaps especially for hobby projects, where you dont have a client paying for you being a nitpicking perfectionist :

Ichinotsubo: Nowadays my tool of choice for making prototypes is Maxima. Which maybe sound a bit strange.

Gramley: Most people don’t really get the time to reimplement things :

Casillas: I have created a virtually complete server in C and I am wanting to create a graphical HTML5 game. Should javascript handle the connection?

Rappe: And most languages don’t help with prototyping OR refactoring. JS is one of them

Scarth: Phale: pure C sounds like a weird choice for a game server. But in any case, you probably want to communicate with your serve using websockets.

Vieths: Phale: you could write the server in js too d:

Glendening: Dolby: Pure C for everything!

Altrogge: I like C a lot, first language I learned and am programming it for 5 years now.

Cossett: Giraffe_: not really a good choice for more complex projects. Specially because it’s hard to make it secure/safe.

Turkasz: Dolby: Pure C for everything!

Comber: Personally im a fan of z80 ***embly.

Bagozzi: Dolby: alright, I don’t really know much of JavaScript so where’s the best place I can learn?

Gochett: Phale: well, I like a lot of esoteric languages a lot too. But I’d still not use them for most things, because they’re a bad fit. For example, I wouldn’t write a webserver in Forth, even though I like Forth.

Konopacki: Phale: Eloquent JavaScript is a comprehensive introductory Web-based book with examples and a built-in interpreter.

Sarraga: That book is probably a good start

Dechavez: Are you implying C is esoteric?

Rynne: And yeah I’ll read that book

Griffy: Phale: no, I’m implying C isn’t a good fit for most applications nowadays.

Tigerino: What’s wrong with it?

Myler: C++ is better for more complex things, Rust is probably better for most new stuff.

Leatherberry: Give an example of “unsafe”

Greto: Phale, well all the major web server are written in C. I think that the Dolby point is that is not easy to use C corretly

Schee: It can be written unsafe*

Woloszyn: I always use C correctly.

Koscinski: Phale: oh really? You’re probably the only One True Programmer, then :

Zacharias: Phale: Do you *really* need examples of where C is unsafe or are you just messing with us? :p