Or things will get.

Elvis: D4***it3: http://pastie.org/10424796 will do a block copy.

Bloor: RonRichie, start with the base case. power3,0, the exponent is 0, then it return 1 at line 5.

Elvis: Http://pastie.org/10424797 will do a block copy and ensure the alpha is 255 http://pastie.org/10424797

Shoat: Ok i see whats going on

Benafield: Basically the origina imagedata is much denser

Barquera: I need to scale the src

Elvis: You’d need to implement bilinear or nearest neighbor downscaling

Elvis: You’ll have better performance if you actually just make the canvas2d methods do this

Elvis: Since it will be hardware accelerated

Zellmann: RonRichie, then lets call power3,1 , the exponent is not 0, then it return at line 12 return base * power3, 0. : base is 3, powerbase, exponent-1 is power3, 0 — we said that it was 1, so this mean it does return 3 * 1

Tocchio: Yansanmo thanks, let me attempt this see how it goes

Cosmo: Tcsc i have been tryign to find how

Lozada: Let me read this all yansanmo :

Ady: I have one isntance of actual imageData

Huxtable: But the other is just an array

Elvis: And what do you need to do?

Posse: I want to take the array which is supposed to be pixels

Lasane: And scale it to fit this canvas2d

Elvis: Do you know the dimensions of the pixel array?

Geddie: CV.Image {width: 375, height: 500, data: Array187500}

Jacka: Thats the array object

Elvis: Okay. you need to create a temporary canvas of that size

Elvis: Make it create an imagedata

Maedke: ImageData {data: Uint8ClampedArray750000}

Elvis: Copy the pixels over inot that imagedata

Elvis: No, it should be the same size as the CV.image

Elvis: This might be just a scratch canvas ou never use again

Elvis: It’s just for the resize

Samberg: CV.Image i just the alpha

Elvis: It’s just one component?

Tubertini: I should have realized

Elvis: And you want a black and white result?

Elvis: And it doesn’t need to be resized

Paolini: I just need to make all opaque pixesl white and transparent black

Staller: Could I just create a Uint8ClampedArray

Bolinder: Loop throught the source and for each iteration add 4 values to the array?

Seacrest: Tcsc: would this work then? http://pastie.org/10424808

Elvis: D4***it3: http://pastie.org/10424809 would be basically it

Elvis: You shouldn’t create the uint8clampedarray yourself, get it from createImageData

Elvis: D4***it3: generally, don’t create uint8clampedarrays. they’re slow and bad. use the other typed arrays.

Elvis: Very rarely do you need the clamping behavior

Schuber: What kind of loop is that

Elvis: It was a bad idea on the part of the canvas2d api designers.

Elvis: D4***it3: it’s just a loop

Elvis: It iterates over two properties at once

Elvis: So i split each part into its own line

Sorin: Ycon_, 1 to 99, 150 to 249, 1350 to 1399, 1450 to 1499

Elvis: This works in every version of js ever

Dibonaventura: I guess thats what the ***ert is for

Elvis: The ***ert is just a sanity check

Bettis: Yansanmo please, if you have a half minute, could you please fill upcontinue as how this whole thing will go on? what will be the next thing that will take place? https://repl.it/BIhG/1 would appreciate if you could do that

Elvis: To make sure you p***ed in the right kind of data

Chabez: Or things will get wacky