Or -S or -D for.

Elvis: Oh yeah that’s totally plausible then

Elvis: That code is very inaccurate and bad about stuff like this. it also would run the collision p***es too many times to try to fix that, which probably causes your issue.

Elvis: As well as making it super inefficient

Mate: Torkable: string ‘abcd’

Mate: Torkable: string ‘abcdefghijklmnop’

Mate: Torkable: string ‘abcdefghijklmnopqrstuv’

Turello: Are you expecting something to happen at some point?

Jimenez: C’mon lazy fool, 4 more letters :-

Hausman: I expect the strings to be concatenateed lol

Sroufe: Has anyone seen my flash key?

Mate: Torkable: string ‘abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz’

Gleaves: Torkable: its strange, i cant get concat to do anything on my strings, ive used it 1000s of times.

Gleaves: My string are stored in variables. i would like to put them all together into one string. and it does nothing it seems… grrr wtf

Torbeck: Var a = ‘a’; var b = ‘b’, var c = ‘c’; var d = ‘d’; a.concatb, c, d;

Mate: Torkable: SyntaxError: missing variable name

Vafiadis: Gleaves: if you want to combine them into a single string, just put them all into an array and use .join

Saulpaugh: For some reason, the body height it the container divs here are more than 100% https://varmag.com/gallery/inga-by-marco-leonardi/attachment/marco_leonardi_inga_00016/ any ideas? maybe a JS fix?

Mate: Gleaves: string ‘this is a string’

Gleaves: Right, but it SHOULD work, there must be something else wrong i am not seeing

Vafiadis: Gleaves: can you share a gist or paste it here if it’s just one line of how you’re using concat?

Gleaves: I have 15 strings saved in 15 variables, i am pretty sure they are strings… any way to make sure?

Gleaves: And it is simply “comma_separated_string.concatfirstPubStr, refStr, ihcStr, ifStr, wbStr, ipStr, chipStr, elisaStr, ffpeStr, fbStr, facsStr, maStr, epStr, gssStr, aseqStr;”

Gemmer: Https://www.reddit.com/r/javascript/comments/3l21j5/is_it_worth_learning_javascala_for_a_javascript/

Gleaves: Vafiadis: it is an array of strings, thats why it doesnt work. damnit. lol

Salvitti: Happens to the best of us

Vafiadis: Gleaves: haha I thought that might be it

Monot: Http://iamshahrukh.com/blog/2/laravel-dependecy-injection

Boehning: Saulpaugh, I don’t see any rule about height in the css

Puello: Why does javascript think that 0xffdd25a4 is negative

Mate: Yansanmo: number 4292683172

Krupicka: I’m reading it from a file, I guess.

Saulpaugh: I removed all the height rules yansanmo to try to fix it. basically, i want the image to only be as tall as the user’s screen height

Mooney: In the file it’s A425DDFF

Montiel: Saulpaugh, you need height: 100% all the way to the image, put the image as block, and remove every padding/margin on html/body

Caliman: Are you reading that as 32-bit integer signed ?

Dalbec: That’s what I’m checking

Farron: Hmm. var len = buf.readInt32LE4;

Saulpaugh: I fixed it with $”.attachment img”.css”max-height”, screen.height * .80; yansanmo

Diaz: God I’m glad I don’t write browser code

Saulpaugh: Any ideas of another way yansanmo ?

Tamiya: I already told you, you didn’t use it

Saulpaugh: But landscape photos would stretch to the height yansanmo

Demus: You check the naturalHeight/naturalWidth of the photo, and you use width instead of height

Szymkowski: I was under some heavy sedation when I set that pw haha

Boken: Shouldn’t node install packagename update my package.json?

Tai: Npm install –save packagename

Hock: Or -S or -D for short