On line 2 change ‘V’ to.

Macrowski: Exline, what do you mean?

Blomquist: Is there a way to automate that process?

Sinkovich: Claytonzaugg: i think you’ll have to look at http://docs.meteor.com/ and make sure you’re looking at the Full API, and you may have to look at Meteor’s built-in “***et” API

Kimple: Ehhh. they certainly have uses but i’d rather not have them than have what c++ has

Lamie: Exline: unclear what you’re asking

Lesane: Var ajaxdata = $.ajax.return data ;

Macrowski: Exline, so ajaxdata is a promise?

Macrowski: Exline, so, what is the issue?

Lamie: Exline: what gets returned is a promise. The request doesn’t complete instantly.

Schaedler: Exline: also consider #jquery if this channel can’t solve it

Lamie: Exline: the request is sent and $.ajax function returns so your code continues executing. The response doesn’t arrive until much later

Bejarano: Hey guys, I’m a bit unfamiliar with Javascript and was wondering if someone could help me work something out

Providence: Http://hastebin.com/yatozuligu.avrasm

Fendt: I’m trying to understand how that function appends a paramter s= to the ur

Armond: I think I figured it out Sorry

Friddell: Implicit global single letter variables, abbreviated function names, inconsistently escaped string concat, ***ignment in an expresson, THE COMMA OPERATOR

Mells: Is there a way to extract data from a website?

Belser: I mean writing a javascript and extracting it

Ayres: Yes there are a lot of ways

Marchman: Please could you guide me.

Piermarini: Rsthelord, if you hit view-source on the page, do you see the data in the html?

Bohnenblust: Images? Text? Does this website have an API?

Hiester: Http://www.medindia.net/drug-price/index.asp

Ihenyen: What do you want from the page?

Guillermo: Basically I want to extract the list of all medicines from this site with their

Hoskyns: Here, if i click on ‘View Price’ for Abacavir, it will list me 6 brands

Hackey: On the new page, where it is displaying 6 brands, there i click on View price, it will give me the exact price of the medicine.

Klem: And all this has to be done while we logged inmaintaining session

Lecompte: That website is stock photo central

Lecompte: Http://www.medindia.net/request-for-using-medindia-material.asp?cat=Request%20to%20Use%20Medindia%20Content

Guirand: Lecompte They told me that we can provide you hard copy but not a soft copy

Lecompte: So you’re going to rip it anyway? good luck with that

Alires: Thatslifeson GreenJello

Bahadue: Can someone help me figure out this code:http://hastebin.com/ecunerirex.coffee

Dolese: Faville: It’s not mine FYI – I’m just trying to understand what they are doing

Worsham: It’s to generate a r= and s= values

Girard: I get that r = the time

Nienhuis: Dv***, this code is obfuscated with the intent of being unreadable

Loia: I recognize the tool, but forget the name

Tatman: Very much a nusiance when I’m trying to read it! 😛

Ennes: Faville: Any ideas on what I can do?

Mellish: You have to peel back the obfuscation step by step before you can really read it

Schmitke: Good luck, and speaking from experience, if you make a mistake you have to start over so go slow

Lava: Isn’t there a deobfuscator?

Aschenbrenner: I have never ‘peeled back’ obfuscation before

Polster: So wouldn’t even know where to start

Miville: Mostly you replace things

Royall: On line 2 change ‘V’ to ‘multiply3’, and then change all of the references