Ok, for sublime text you.

Behlke: Kittenblazewr, you need to share some code

Wahlstrom: Also, do you know any hosts for node/javascript similar to Modulus and Heroku?

Ballinger: GreenJello: here is the source, let me know if you cant download it https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9j2fpM1PLsKMzlrM1djNFo5WUk/view?usp=sharing

Reinke: Kittenblazewr, openshift, beanstalk

Wanta: Uhm kittenblazewr use a pastebin

Samas: There are multiple files, but I can try

Eckhard: Im having a problem making this javascript wor , would anyone be able to help

Burtle: Hylle? There was something I wanted to show you.

Delucchi: Hylle, remember how you told me your eyesight isn’t very good, so it’s often hard to see text? And I showed you some of my font designs, and they were too small?

Heer: I don’t remember the last time I ever saw the channel this quiet.

Guerry: Everyone is just resting up for Monday, if I had to guess.

Deboard: Sleep is for the weak

Guerry: Tire is just another word for “not enough coffee”

Lab: Not enough CoffeeScript?

Dyers: Can i ask a noob question? i just spent ~ 3 hours trying to work out why my javascript wasnt working and it turns out i spelt one variable with an extra e. is there a ****ing quicker way to find that then going through line by line trying to work out where the code is breaking?

Reaney: Siba, did you check your console for errors?

Nassimi: Yeh. it was running fine

Pefanis: But i could see that it wasn’t capturing the event

Bline: So i added breakpoints

Townley: And then stepped through it

Huggins: What was the variable name?

Mccovery: And still couldnt see why it wasn’t capturing it

Miyake: I wrote valide in one spot

Giesel: Took me aaaaaaages to realise

Dochterman: That should throw an error

Gamino: If you put ‘use strict’ at the top of the file/iife it will

Boniface: No idea why it wouldn’t unless you had a variable called valide

Guerry: GreenJello: not if it was in an ***ignment statement, iirc & and if valid was set somewhere else.

Rehl: It may have at the same time the event i wanted to stop triggered?

Guerry: Siba: some example code might help as talk about it. Code it hard to talk about in the abstract, imo.

Bialik: Yeh sorry. lemme put it somewhere

Kott: In hindsight, i should’ve put the preventDefault right at the beginning

Hargens: It does throw an error

Fortuna: Does this work? http://hastebin.com/ofodicibeh.js

Bohrer: Line 19 is where i spelt valide

Sorzano: Line 52 is my e.preventDefault

Doxtater: I just moved the prevent default to the top and yup the console shows an error on valide. fml lol

Gallet: Guerry, ah yeah, use strict mode

Botton: Put ‘use strict’ at the top of your code and you get errors instead of implicit globals

Pessin: Linters also catch things like that

Guerry: Mostall? decent editors have some kind of linter plugin available.

Muessig: Ok cheers guys. appreciate that.

Savela: I’m super green at this obviously. appreciate the help

Guerry: Yeah, and if you are using jslint, it will yell at you for not using “use strict”; iirc

Guerry: Seriously though, get a linter.

Genest: I ran my code through jslint.com and all it said was ‘use spaces instead of tabs’

Alvernaz: Jslint is crap; use jshint or eslint

Guerry: Heh, and that. What editor are you using?

Carlis: And you can configure eslint/jshint if the defaults don’t suit you

Guerry: Ok, for sublime text you want SublimeLinter and SublimeLinter-jshint packages from package control. Follow their instruction for getting them setup.