Oh right ha. so it’s just a.

Hattenbach: Collin, strace your browser 😛

Rygiel: What do you mean by “sending the request”? like, waiting for the server to start its response?

Everroad: Of course, non-browser environments can do whatever

Swallows: Robertmaxrees: Opening the connection and writing the HTTP request

Otani: Not waiting for the response, just writing the request

Straathof: I’m trying to understand what could possibly be causing the 5 minute delay on IE

Derosa: Collin: you should’ve asked that question to begin with _

Duso: Pop open the debugger and step through the code.

Sole: Robertmaxrees: http://i.imgur.com/M5Y8F2U.png

Narciso: Collin: what do you mean by “causing the 5 minute delay on IE”? Delay in what?

Graceffo: See that graph. IE is taking 300 seconds to send the request, after the AJAX call is made

Soja: Fiddler shows the request actually being sent at the end of the 300 seconds, the entire thing taking ~250 ms

Letrent: Use your debugger and see when you hit that code.

Hermanowicz: Collin: browsers have a concurrency limit when talking to a server in a given domain

Trucchi: It would actually probably be faster if you set up a buffer/pool

Omland: Collin: so if you open 5 connections to foo.com, and the concurrency limit is 2, 3 of the connections will sit there waiting until the other connections are closed

Gladue: I told you that like 10 minutes ago

Blend: I guess it’s waiting for the server to close the connection

Bogenschutz: Can someone please help me? : I am very troubled.

Trucchi: Start with a pool of 1 – the rest go into a queue and only execute when the pool frees up. You can then then play around and try raising the pool size incrementally to find a sweet spot

Trucchi: Of course, the ideal size may differ from browser to browser

Trucchi: But you could theoretically adjust it on the fly. that’d be hacky though

Cecala: It works fine on all non-IE browsers

Ebbers: Mythros: using eval there is a very bad idea. Are you familiar with RPN calculators?

Sowders: Is there an event for the tab is about to lose focus?

Debenham: Mythros: basically, it’s a calculator where you write things like: 1 2 3 + +, and it executes like 1 + 2 + 3. You can implement that easily: every time you see a number, you push that number onto some stack structure. Every time you see an operation, like +, you apply this operation to the top values of the stack, and then put the result at the top.

Zagrodnik: Writing a p****r for simple arithmetic expressions like “1 + 2”, would let you use this same approach to your problem, but parsing maths expressions is considerably harder.

Zoelle: I don’t want difficult : I’m already having difficulty.

Kulp: I want to keep it simple, stupid 😛

Stuchlik: Is imageData still the best way to get pixel info in JS ? Just going through a tute – it’s a couple of years old though

Stuchlik: Think there’s a getPixels in processing.

Wakley: Mythros: undefined; Console: 6

Pagenkopf: Mythros: can you understand that example?

Poppert: Um. no. as i said. i wanna keep it simple.

Brunetta: Mythros: how familiar are you with JavaScript?

Lebaugh: Very familiar. But I don’t wanna do ASM Javascript. I can’t stand the **** and it’s too hard for me, OK?

Sodervick: Mythros: might help to follow a tutorial on making a calculator

Kudej: That doesn’t help me whatsoever.

Cullivan: There’s no ASM there.

Dunwoody: Baxx: ***embly, I’d suppose

Kazunas: Mythros, javascript is already the ***embly of the web! Too late!

Shuffler: I just wanna fix this error :

Stuchlik: Oh right ha. so it’s just a way of saying something is very low level I guess.