Oh, no, it does webgl too i.

Villega: How can I make my #putrx button .show if the form has errors and .hide if there are no errors? http://jsfiddle.net/g2musicgroup/LLso2tqL/

Mcmurrin: Tcsc: oh I get it. Unity is JS with like a static typing add on

Kimple: It’s like a pseudo actionscript

Kimple: And every script is also a unity component

Angelini: Noobs like me use it!

Higson: I’m guessing since Mono is a requirement, you can use C# on Linux and Mac unity?

Meise: It is really weird though

Kimple: Until 5.2 you use mono on windows too

Nooman: Tcsc: so you’d recommend sticking with C# if using unity

Mikos: But I like actionscript syntax

Meise: I **** at C#. I keep trying to code it like js. Don’t know enough yet to do much better.

Lowler: C# is pretty straight forward, isn’t it?

Mikos: Neither is difficult to learn, it’s learning programming concepts that’s important

Kimple: I thought it was super straightforward.

Hanold: Tcsc is resident game expert Rou so you shut your ***** mouth!

Torner: I haven’t used it in a few years, but I was able to make a simple XNA game without learning the language

Kimple: But maybe not if you never have done statically typed languages before

Polverari: It has all that inheritance stuff.

Christofferse: C# with visual studio is like using WordPress

Mikos: Javascript is a god awful development language

Lose: I think I had C++ and Java 101 cl***es done at that point

Mikos: But I primarily use it anyways

Meise: I dunno, there’s stuff about returning multiple values and such

Mikos: It doesn’t have cl***es man

Meise: Nvm, you guys are already saying a bunch of it

Schilder: Rou: You can still do OOP without cl***es.

Kimple: Rou: it has enough of them. es6 also gives you the cl*** keyword

Mikos: Yes but it’s not syntatically the same as other OOP languages which annoys me

Holstine: Tcsc, you do game dev right?

Benedict: Do you use typescript?

Junick: When a good JS book covering best practices along with es6 comes out I’ll have to probably read it again

Mikos: Fixes some of the things I was just complaining about

Kimple: Faville: where i work there’s some significant ms mistrust for killing xna

Mikos: Only problem is typescript makes it hard to work with others

Mikos: Who don’t like typescript

Mikos: Not really though since you just compile back to JS

Ringwald: Tcsc, if that didn’t happen, would you be using it?

Mikos: But when you go to work at a company they’re like

Kimple: We looked into it some

Kimple: Mostly when we were looking at babylon though

Kimple: Since it’s written in it

Mikos: And when people sees a duplicate of every single js file with a ts file in their project

Mikos: And it’s uploaded to their repository

Matters: The engine is really cool; it’s just fast-track three.js from just playing around with it a bit

Kimple: Faville: it runs like **** on mobile

Kimple: Even their small example scenes only get ~10fps

Nollman: 3d in js on mobile sounds like a disaster

Kimple: It’s a total ****ing trainwreck

Kimple: But, with simple scenes you should be doing way better than they do

Aldrete: Famous seems to do a lot alright

Kimple: Famous is mostly css i thought

Kimple: Css animations and transitions can do pretty well but they have a lot of limitations

Kimple: Oh, no, it does webgl too i guess