Oh neat : **** knows where.

Okie: Pexsa: Are all those well written or just compact?

Stuchlik: Anyone know how to send someone a link to a dropbox html file so that it displays rather than giving them a download link ?

Pexsa: Knod, The 5k size is minified and gziped.

Okie: Pexsa: Also, I’m not looking for small actually, I’m looking for medium to large, but not huge, projects

Gruenes: Knod, jQuery, Knockout, RequireJS are well-written I’d bet

Okie: Literphor: I’ll check those out!

Pexsa: Knod, Check out the standard node libraries.

Okie: Pexsa: Ok, standard node libraries

Pexsa: The node guys have a style guide you can read too. Be forwarned though, node is callback heavy, and doesn’t use promises.

Okie: Pexsa: I appreciate the tips. It’s not really about style, though. I think I’m more after architecture now that I think on it.

Pexsa: Knod, It’s a hard thing to go looking for. The libraries and frameworks don’t usually advertise their internal architecture.

Hannahs: Fwiw there’s a lot of bad programming advice on the internet.

Santalucia: I’d say it’s even worse than you’d expect which would be 50% good, 50% bad

Okie: Pexsa: Hmm, I wonder why. Maybe they just don’t think it’s important.

Smitz: Also that stuff changes

Pexsa: Knod, It’s not as important as the actual features of the library or framework.

Pexsa: At least, to the users.

Guaman: Tcsc: I’d expect 80% bad / 20% good

Okie: Tcsc: I’ve definitely found some of that bad programming advice

Breyer: Havvy: that’s probably about right.

Okie: Pexsa: right, but features are not what I’m after atm

Lemoyne: Following that one law. “80% of everything is crap.”

Barad: Pexsa, good to know, thanks!

Okie: Yeah, I’d expect the same ratio as people generally have in life

Uyematsu: Either way, it pays to be very skeptical about things you read

Stuchlik: Tcsc: var cellIndex = cellX + cellY * this.width;, is that right, or should it be var cellIndex = cellX + cellY * this.width;

Zajdel: Baxx: i’m indexing into the array as if it were a 2d grid

Garvey: Each row each y takes up width slots

Okie: Isn’t it something like base + cellX + cellY * numCols?

Cauffman: Except theres no base here.

Okie: That’s one I struggled with for quite a while before I got it.

Morice: Little OT: seems that even Apple eng are confirming that Apple TV won’t ship with UIWebView for hybrid app.you will have to use https://developer.apple.com/library/prerelease/tvos/do***entation/LanguagesUtilities/Conceptual/ATV_Template_Guide/index.html#//apple_ref/doc/uid/TP40015064

Lozoya: Do you guys think it’s fine to code a web app that depend on js to update/manage a local mysql DB ?

Stuchlik: Tcsc: right. becuase using this http://tiny.cc/y9072x i was unable to get point f from that code, i was doing it wrong i guess

Stuchlik: Cameras pretty *****ed ;

Schwan: Is it possible for chrome extension to delete a div say id=thisdiv, before the page is even loaded onto the screen? currently i’m able to do it after the page is loaded, but I’m not sure if it is possible before

Rheaves: Btw there was a bug in the forEachEntityAround, it loops from minX to minX, instead of from minX to maxX

Stuchlik: F being 550, 400 and the canvas being 1500×900 in that example

Stuchlik: I haven’t got there yet anyway ;

Okie: Baxx: Use the equation I provided and try some examples and it may become more clear.

Satmary: Pexsa, i was thanking for the answer to my question :

Stuchlik: Knod: thanks – i’ve got some code I’m trying to go through at the mo though

Leyvas: Baxx: http://jsfiddle.net/uuad2crm/2/

Stuchlik: Oh neat : **** knows where I was going wrong that’s so annoying