NotLoggedIn = function {.

Rameres: The lookup makes it harder to account for the margin in coordinates though

Elvis: You could convert to an array of arrays afterwards if you want.

Elvis: If you want to make it an array of arrays in left to right, top to bottom, you could do that in On logn

Allan: Array.prototype.findIndex could be useful here

Suydam: Can JS add CSS3 elements to a HTML element? like animating?

Quidley: I don’t think JS cares whether it’s CSS3 or CSS2

Elvis: Gillice: would creat an array of arrays that go top to bottom, where each element in the array will be left to right. you pay the price for sorting it though.

Elvis: Each element in each sub array will run left to right

Elvis: Then the margin would be the space before the first one

Janitz: Jordy: if you don’t tell it to, no

Uimari: I’m not sure what you mean

Guilfoos: = “/* any valid CSS here */”; ?

Acerno: And yes, I’d try to avoid inline CSS

Roblez: So no one can help me?

Bellazer: I need to call getusermedia synchronously, in other words i need a way to wait for the user selection of the media before doing other stuff with it, do you have any idea how to wait for the callback to complete before proceeding?

Villalovos: Can you give me an example, even generic?

Caborn: K_j: paste some code and we can do this np

Domianus: Where can i paste it?

Mate: Torkable: Show some code, but don’t paste it on the channel. For frontend code HTML/CSS/JS, you can provide a test case that we can run, so that we can help you: use , , or . For Node.js code, use sites like and .

Skelton: Torkable,

Waterson: You just put that alert in the callback

Silveri: You’re already doing it right lol

Kopatz: Torkable, it’s in no callback

Pickles: You just move the alert into the callback

Medino: Of course it cannot be moved == i do not want to be moved.

Errera: That’s the point of my question

Beaty: Why can’t it be moved

Tumolo: Because it’s a lot of code i want to keep outside the callback

Villaneuva: Call the function inside the callback

Comish: Should already be in functions

Prudom: Shiny happy functions holding hands

Elvis: I err on the side of big functions. if you have a lot of little functions i find that i have a hard time knowing what the program/object/whatever state is when they run, which leads to bugs. this only really applies to imperative code, of course.

Elvis: I know that goes against popular wisdom though.

Henrick: How do we byp*** an if statement if the code is not ours? let’s say we are in chrome dev tools

Farren: I remember seeing a video where the guy edited the code and was able to continue running it

Reineck: If you’re in chrome dev tools, you could set a breakpoint on the if, then just alter the values in console when the code stops at it to make it not p***

Elvis: If it doesn’t have source maps, you can delete it from the dev tools and save and it will hot swap it

Elvis: Source maps break that usually though

Elvis: Even on the original file

Elvis: Which is really annoying

Reineck: Fiddler can also help

Sports: Let’s say our breakpoint is in “if notLoggedIn { goto loginscreen } else { continue to site }. How can we swap the condition?

Reineck: You can use it to replace the 3rd party code file entirely with something else

Mertens: And notLoggedin is a function

Reineck: NotLoggedIn = function { return false }