Not sure if I would call.

Ardry: _masochee_ on instagram

Prazeres: Http://

Torry: Its going down right now

Matterson: I hope you got what you wanted pro.

Miriello: As far as drugs, dilaudid through picc

Jackowski: Som other ****, and a lot of coffee

Carlo: Mscontin for long term

Lonneman: Why are you in the hospital?

Funicello: Hey guys, how do I remove an item from an array that has an index -1?

Laberpool: Want to answer boogey firs?

Ertl: Nevermind, I found it – if the index is larger than -1 I use splice, if not I use shift

Irsik: Nice, almost all of these have been aswered on github

Prahm: Anyway, Ipaint trains afrohead

Gisriel: I didnt know it but a bone in my lower lumbar splintered off

Deviney: After like 2 weeks i couldnt walk and it got infected

Schwaner: Drained it with this ****ing HUGE needle, then gave me 25 days of vanco

Kulbeth: Through a picc line to my heart

Kuja: I get out in 2 days thank the GRand Architecht

Mallory: 3 but I count today as GONE

Gallego: I get my last shot of dilaudid and my oxy then

Heldreth: Is there a reason why the first element of my array has an index of -1?

Moynahan: Can you not use a ‘list?

Jirjis: It’s a variable that contains the result of .map

Whobrey: I would confirm it’s not a list

Valderrama: I learned how to install backtrack

Greising: Then windows updated it

Mosinski: Anyone want to hear a good song?

Graubard: Depending I suppose on your flavor of music

Argudin: Https://

Kibe: I dont die the “cops shoot * ****” but RTJ

Haeck: I went to their concert this summer

Gesualdo: Oodles and oodles Bang bullets at ****ers’ noodles!

Windsor: Prohobo you got that proof youw anted right?

Hawken: Just posted some bubblehash

Draughon: I just thought it’d be funny if you took a selfie of yourself dancing to RTJ in a hospital bed

Monden: Or something like that

Tariq: I waited for you but, I won’t be doing that again I have rich girls on my nuts

Mckoan: Can someone ban this moron

Flournay: What’s wrong lil’ buddy?

Mcmilliam: Less than 30 mins, and **** you **** boys forever hope i said it politely

Schroeden: Well no, this is a javascript channel dude

Mcanelly: You cant just tell people to **** off

Sarsfield: Like I said, when OT I’ll stay OT

Jentzen: My existence is to disgrace you

Saletta: The kitten became a lion

Virginia: But the lyrics were about politicians/police

Dormanen: And looked at your face like “great. food”

Foshay: I must have misjudged you

Sugalski: Youc an run naked backwards

Wissing: Through a field of ****s

Flechas: Can anyone help me with my node.js problem, i get do***ent is not defined for this code:, and i know it is a result of lines 19-21 but can’t figure out what to fix.

Kosuta: Let me visit your random link

Menson: Ok the problem is you’re posting random links

Odonnel: It be feelin like the life that im livin man

Mate: Ddv: The Boitnott ops are: buu Fiorito Shipley Agamemnus Alben dilvie Hylle. In case of an emergency requiring op attention, Schooling !emergency

Fuston: 9 mins ddv and im out

Mckoan: Not sure if I would call this an emergency