Nored: that’s not a problem.

Tumulty: Nored: also what use cases do you have for it? wasm is for people compiling to JS, not a replacement for JS.

Nored: Tumulty: from what I understand wasm is a JS alternative kind of that compiles to a static bytecode

Tumulty: It’s not an alternative. it’s for entirely different use cases.

Tumulty: And for the first few years at least, it will be *run* in JS. that’s part of the requirements.

Tumulty: Only in the distant future will it be able to compile to a static bytecode, that browsers will all understand

Tumulty: It’s just going to be an asm.js compile target.

Everhardt: Lenswipe: sounds like the job for regular expressions!

Nored: I dont care if the browsers understand the byte code. I just want a JS like language that compiles directly to byte code

Kogut: Soteros, unfortunately

Nored: I should probably just go play in lisp

Kutner: Soteros, I hate this app so much. Why are enterprise apps such pieces of ****?

Tumulty: Nored: it won’t be JS like whatsoever. it merely *compiles* to a JS subset.

Konopacki: Soteros: For help, ask your question. Be patient. Code samples should be pasted in a paste service see !paste. Tell us 1 what you want to happen, 2 what is actually happening, and 3 any error messages you find see !describe and !debug.

Konopacki: Soteros: Browser-based debuggers — Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera, IE

Tumulty: Nored: bytecode isn’t cool :-p JS is cool.

Spellacy: Lenswipe: something like ‘groupsGROUP_IDFIELD_NAME’.match/groups.+.+/ ?

Hilleary: Nored: i heard interesting things about haxe

Nored: There are limitations to reliance upon a vm for execution. namely where the code can run. which then limits everything you can do with such code, these are the things I want to surp***

Juncker: Soteros, i got it working i think 😀 thanks!

Konopacki: Yansanmo: object ‘groups’, ‘GROUP_ID’, ‘FIELD_NAME’

Tumulty: Nored: the “bytecode” will always rely on a VM for execution.

Tumulty: Nored: and those limits are here to stay. they’re *why* the web is successful.

Konopacki: Soteros: SyntaxError: syntax error

Konopacki: Soteros: object ‘groupsGROUP_IDFIELD_NAME’, ‘GROUP_ID’, ‘FIELD_NAME’

Nored: Tumulty: they’re are why Java and JavaScript are not so painfully slow anymore. nothing else.

Bidle: Dammit yansanmo beat me to what i was doing albeit with another split and join over replace

Tumulty: Nored: java’s painful slowness has nothing to do with bytecode, it has to do with maintainability. JS doesn’t have a bytecode.

Banaszek: Nored: mmm yes you shall use lisp

Tumulty: Constraints breed innovation ¯_ツ_/¯

Sevcik: Just thing that everything are functions that you p*** around, even symbols, all done

Bidle: Nothing wrong with lisps, particularly with things like clojure and racket around these days

Nored: Tumulty: Java was retarded slow too though still 5x faster than JS before the JVM. JS does have a bytecode in its vm, which is implementation specific.

Tumulty: Nored: no need to use that word. and no, JS doesn’t have bytecode anywhere. individual implementations may have one, sure. but the language doesn’t spec one.

Tumulty: Nored: more specifically, the language requires that the implementation behave as if there *isn’t* one.

Tryninewski: Bidle: tbh for his problem clojure would be a supernightmare 😀

Nored: Tumulty: that is the problem I was hoping wasm would solve

Bidle: Soteros: austincheneys? i wasn’t aware there was an actual problem

Tumulty: Nored: that’s not a problem tho. that’s a wonderful thing, and it’s why JS is successful. wasm won’t fix what ain’t broke.