Node has, and Node has a.

Yant: So it’s only used by edgelords

Pomberg: I don’t know. All the new computer buyers who are non-technical will just like every previous version.

Leandro: Does win10 default to IE or Edge?

Sambrook: Samssh: yeah, I think too. mostly business will be sluggish to convert their active-x whatnot stuff.

Ratterree: Last I heard, they purposely made it difficult to use IE in 10.

Markewich: Unless you are using Enterprise.

Leandro: Maybe that’ll make developers hate them a little less I guess

Cone: Http://

Sambrook: Interesting in the usage-table is chrome 31. I think that’s the current allowed version in China

Vanbenthuyse: Sambrook, On stat counter page, switch to China.

Leandro: I’m surprised opera’s so high

Leandro: And perversely happy to see IoJ so low ;

Sambrook: And in south korea, people still have to use IE to access banking websites. not sure which version though

Leandro: Typo, dunno how I managed to hit ‘J’ instead of ‘S’

Leandro: Except that I used to play on Isle of Janthir on GW2

Sambrook: Y, chrome 31 is 32% of all browsers in china

Yant: It’s like IoT, except Javascript instead of Things

Leandro: Internet of javascripts, i’m game for that

Leandro: I vote we banish java first, maybe that’ll get the rest of the rabble in line

Sambrook: Fooey: does java still play a big role these days?

Yant: Sambrook: it’s like glitter

Leandro: On the backend, definitely

Yant: Sambrook: nearly impossible to get rid of

Leandro: See more scala than raw java on newer stuff though

Gansert: I don’t really understand the Java hate.

Sambrook: Samssh: not difficult to hate stuff made by oracle :

Arizola: Samssh: it’s not “hate,” just knowledge that Java is worse than the alternatives e.g.: Scala, Clojure

Burnie: I can’t say that I /like/ writing in it, but it’s not that bad.

Vandermoon: Although some people do hate it

Leandro: I just don’t want to ever have to babysit a JVM again

Gurevich: Sambrook: Java will eventually be replaced by Scheme.

Sambrook: Hameen: don’t think so.

Leandro: Javascript all the things, obviously

Sambrook: Definitely will be replaced by DrRacket only

Scheidecker: Sambrook: of course it will! Scheme is even in browsers these days!

Sambrook: Hameen: scheme doesn’t even have a turing complete FORMAT. pathetic

Cheesman: Hi, I’m having trouble with Date in firefox. It returns NaN if the ticket is closed in firefox, but the ticket duration is shown correctly if the ticket is closed in Chrome. Any ideas?

Wenske: Who cares about turing completeness anyway?

Sambrook: Hameen: comp.lang.lisp

Sambrook: But v8 is using a jvm too, very much like the jvm. is v8 less of a h***le to take care of than the jvm?

Niedermeyer: Davidpardy: that certainly doesn’t show your problem. In any case, you probably want to perform computations in the dates as numbers, not strings. And you’re not returning anything from getTimeStamp

Gerrero: Davidpardy: A minimal test case should contain precisely the HTML and JavaScript necessary to demonstrate the problem, no more and no less. If the JavaScript is more than 42 lines, it is probably not a minimal test case.

Debellis: Sambrook: it’s more that the JVM ecosystem is awful.

Gordley: Hameen: sorry, you are correct. I removed the return portion of the function. Let me edit

Jorden: V8 doesn’t have an ecosystem.

Liedke: Node has, and Node has a reasonable one. Not good, but less worse than most