No wait, i put nginx.

Feerick: Like local vs global simplicity?

Yant: Tcsc: it’s simpler ’cause it means that you can have different teams ***igned to each component and they can ***ign bugs to each other for problems not in their own codebase

Feerick: You can still do that if the things talk directly

Yant: Decoupling means you can limit how far you have to search for bugs

Yant: It also means you have a smaller surface area so there’s less room for bugs to be triggered

Feerick: Idk, it makes the system harder to understand more nonlocal interaction happening through some weird event bus, and it adds the complexity of the code required to keep them apart

Feerick: It also makes bugs harder to track down imo because if you send an event and a bug happens, now you need to find everywhere that might bind an event

Persley: If you’re reading this, you’ve been in coma for almost 20 years now. We’re trying a new technique. We don’t know where this message will end up in your dream, but we hope it works. Please wake up, we miss you.

Yant: Tcsc: it really depends on scale

Moorcroft: You’re freaking me out.

Yant: Tcsc: when that code’s a large percentage of the size of your app, sure

Yant: Tcsc: but plenty of times it ends up being a small piece

Videtto: I’m working on writing less crappy JS. If I’m using bootstrap, but not a MV* library, do you just add jquery events to do stuff like enabling and disabling buttons when a form is filled out?

Feerick: I guess. ime it ends up hurting a lot more than it helps but i also don’t write the same kind of things

Crovo: I’m modifying an existing app and I’m trying to fit in with the style of it

Johnsrud: Hi all, so since. being able to npm install modules for js, I no longer need to rely on PHP? I can do server side JS with the right modules?

Bucks: Johnsrud: not sure npm necessarily means you don’t need PHP

Dome: It is true you don’t have to rely on PHP if you want and use node

Johnsrud: Npm is a package manager for node.js isn’t it?

Bonillas: It comes with node and is commonly used for it yes

Johnsrud: Cus’ I’m loving the look of these modules

Trani: Johnsrud: Node.js is a server side environment for JavaScript.

Hald: You can also use Python, Java, Elixir, etc. etc.

Messa: Insert any language here. haha

Dobin: There’s absolutely no reason to stay on PHP.

Niglio: Kerbo: I wouldn’t want to write a web server in C or R.

Menedez: What is apache written in?

Johnsrud: Could use I use node.js to interface with other languages for handling heavier stuff, e.g. like C

Zampedri: Johnsrud, yes but be very careful

Averitt: Apache is written in C++.

Smead: Apache is the kernel of a web server. It *has* to be fast. And if you want fast, you have to go with C++.

Lei: I mean, if you intend to do so from a HTTP service.

Klabunde: You got to take extra precautions

Mccurry: Johnsrud:

Haskel: You can actually put Apache between the initial request and Node.js.

Abeb: You can also put nginx.

Senechal: And yes, Node.js has FFI. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it used though.

Tetzlaff: I’ve put node between inbound traffic and nginx

Ricley: Except for drivers like LevelDown and various other database drivers.

Johnsrud: I was just thinking, e.g. using “heavier” languages for machine learning stuff, like running that kind of stuff via hardware API cuda probs, and then some node.js module for interfacing interaction with it personally, so that I can set up multiple machines and have them all interfaces via that single modular node.js interface

Cassady: No wait, i put nginx between inbound and node. 😛