No that’s.

Elvis: I guess i was ***uming it was more of a tweakable parameter that you adjust based on the output, as opposed to something where you look at the values and come up with something

Keough: Like say you have the home state that the url is /, and the about page, when about is clicked the content of the view where home content was get replaced with the about

Eleveld: You make the menu item a hyperlink to a new page with new content

Phenix: Gillice, the above meant to me ?

Tujague: Tcsc: it’s part of a profile that gives instructions on what a to-be p****d PDF looks like, it’s more of a config file than direct input

Buehler: Netameta: yes, why get fancy? 😛

Alsobrook: Is there an equivalent of .serialize for POST?

Schleifer: Good ole’ HTML anchors

Finnerty: Persina, there are some jquery plugins that does it

Calnen: Netameta: what do you mean plugins?

Lumantas: Tcsc: I’m not sure why I didn’t think of just rounding the values everywhere before

Kimmes: Gillice, yea yea hyperlinks to new states but how where will i put the content of the first page

Eli: Gillice, or you mean not to use states at all

Closser: Persina, jquery plugins

Ellerbee: If you want to load it dynamically pe se you’ll want to use AJAX

Kahalehoe: Netameta: what does that mean? explain.

Hamb: Persina, I ***ume you want to grap the values of a form into an object ? or something like that ?

Farrington: Netameta: but you have to ask yourself if it’s worth the h***le

Germon: Persina, Jquery dont have a native way to do that, you’ll need to search for a jqeuery plugin

Pfanstiel: Especially when the user is already navigating a menu, I’m not sure why you’d load the content dynamically

Suren: Netameta: what about serializeArray?

Luminati: It’s usually something you’d do to update the content in front of the user

Sichting: Gillice, what are you talking about ?

Christopherso: Persina, Yea that might work,

Ege: Netameta: If you don’t know than I have no idea what you’re asking

Fahrlander: You want to change the content on a page whenever someone navigates a menu?

Spratlin: Gillice, Are we talking about not using angular at all and simply making a html page with menu that points to other pages ?

Daponte: I didn’t know you’re using angular

Tripp: Gillice, Ahhh crap wrong channel.

Elvis: Gillice: worth noting that if you’re going to go with a value close to 1, you will want to consider using floor and ceil instead of round, since round will bring stuff from 0.5 above and below, whereas floor will actually be in that range.

Yuk: Sorry for the confusion

Maisonet: Yeah, disregard that for angular

Kuhnert: I’m not sure how that all works

Scheffrahn: Tcsc: the tolerance / precision value is usually around 0.01

Elvis: It probably doesnt matter then.

Oliphant: Yeah, probably not too much of a problem

Blacock: Although I am considering to use floor still

Halman: Well floor or ceil will have a more “predictable” results

Kief: Because honestly I’m not sure why the precision matters

Kulback: Because you know you’ll always either get +1 or -1 and you can build on that.

Mcclaren: If I have 4.346 and another 4.344, with a precision of 0.01, they should really both end up being 4.34

Buttz: While I’d be getting 4.35 and 4.34 here

Elvis: Then you probably want floor

Cuzco: I just realized I’l still get that float problem now

Kobryn: I get it with round but not with floor

Skay: I’m not sure if that’s fundamental or a coincidence

Elvis: No that’s fundamental