No, it’s just a.

Kimple: Still, there’s a difference between rendering 50 quads and a skinned mesh with 900 triangles and that’s on the lower end

Mikos: I’ve ****ed with babylon

Mikos: And tried their example scenes on mobile

Mikos: Also didn’t work on apple devices

Kimple: It worked on apple devices when i tried but was basically unusable

Kimple: We ended up going with playcanvas for most things even though it has all kinds of problems

Mikos: Three.js seems too primitive for me right now

Kimple: Three.js has a terrible story for importing models

Mikos: Especially Unity5’s WebGL export

Kimple: In that their dae importer fails like half the time

Mikos: Takes like seven billion hours to compile

Kimple: We use unity’s webgl export in production, and it’s. a piece of work

Mikos: It’s best we went this direction anyways, but it’s just not something I’m going to use right now until it’s more mature

Kimple: Ha, i worked on a project that had 13 separate scenes compiled to webgl separately, one build each. takes two hours to build, and the computer is basically unusable as its building.

Merkwan: You can’t run unity in CI?

Kimple: Either way getting the webgl export even remotely stable was a ton of work

Mikos: I don’t want to work on a HTML5-specific project only to have hundreds of problems along the way and the possibility it might just be a glitched out build at the end anyways

Kimple: Faville: sometimes, but generally not unless your CI machine is windows with a graphics card

Mikos: For 2D games though I whole heartedly recommend Phaser.js

Kimple: And for a while the webgl build didn’t supprt custom templates without manual intervention

Kimple: Idk i wasn’t impressed by phaser. but 2d is what i do in my spare time and i’m picky about it.

Barer: What’s the best for 2d?

Mikos: Well it’s not so much that phaser is impressive, it’s just ease of use.

Marsek: Flipbooks are best for 2d

Hamonds: Used since i was 5 or so

Coble: Kamuela, that’s so legacy

Kimple: Uh, pixi.js is actually pretty nice. idk about engines. most of the engines are not super great. but for 2d the hardest part is the renderer.

Kimple: Even the renderer isnt too hard tbh, but if you dont want to touch webgl, i’d recommend pixi

Zachery: Abstractions or copy/paste only lol

Geller: What you guys talking about?

Prager: Omg wut unity isn’t available for linux

Fritzpatrick: You think WebGL is scary?

Mikos: Phaser is a great all-in-one package

Mikos: But that’s probably because I came from actionscript

Fritzpatrick: You haven’t even looked at WebUSB yet.

Mckenty: I was in here in yesterday asking about 2D physics engine, and got zero replies.

Kimple: Rou: pixi isn’t even that fast compared to like, real high performance renderers

Szabat: Tcsc, open beta or paid beta

Kimple: Like it doesn’t do any optimizations to minimize gl state changes

Kimple: Kamuela: to be honest, i dont know

Eisenbarth: Zap0, well you have two game devs here, so now’s a good time to ask :-

Dockett: So can anyone recommend 2D physics libs ?

Merrett: I just know that the website tells me it’s only for windows or mac

Kimple: Kamuela:

Kimple: Zap0: i usually roll my own 2d physics, but have heard that p2 is not awful

Kimple: And i’ve heard that most of the others are

Frecker: Does this pixi.js have phsyics?

Kimple: No, it’s just a renderer