My initials are js.

Vafiadis: Because UI is annoying and devs don’t want to deal with it, you gotta hire designers for that ****

Vafiadis: Which implies proprietary

Nishio: Linux with a gui is crap. terminal only!

Kalkman: Vafiadis: better in the trolling sense of the word

Lango: I actually destroyed me windows partition because I was playing too much games

Vafiadis: Eh I don’t HATE any of the operating systems

Vafiadis: I just never use OS X because I don’t see the point of paying for a mac

Paulhus: Linux is good, when your favorite business with computers is getting things to work, only to crash it when it does.

Kalkman: Too many days pulling my hair out

Paulhus: And to impress your ma

Kalkman: I’d say for dev, or anything that I want to have work consistently for years and not have to touch it, linux is king, but for daily UI OS X is a lot nicer than linux

Lango: When you become a dev for a fortune 500, they find you and they hurl a macbook at you

Kessell: Vafiadis, Because is that synergy between Windows and Linux. All the productivity along with all the corporate greed

Kalinoski: I agree. every time I try to install an sshd under Cygwin and it fails for some cryptic reason.

Nishio: All OSes are terrible because all large software projects are made of terrible and compromise

Kalinoski: I swear Windows off one more time

Kalkman: I never gave much notice to OS X until work bought me a macbook pro. I’d still never pay this much for a machine myself but I enjoy using it

Amburgy: Https://

Nishio: Kalkman: that’s what i said, until i later got a job where i could afford one myself.

Kalkman: It’s a lot less daily struggle than windows and it works in a work environment with illiterates

Lango: Yeah macbooks are great because the batteries are actually decent and they don’t feel like platic ****, but ultrabooks are definitely catching up

Kalkman: I can easily afford one, I just don’t think they’re worth th ecost

Gustus: Linux is better for server stuff, osx and windows are both better for desktop stuff although windows is working hard to ruin this for themselves

Nishio: The 6 months in between i had a windows laptop were grueling, agonizing pain

Paulhus: Btw. The Unix Haters’ Handbook – ebook –

Vafiadis: Again, whenever I use windows I get annoyed by the last of virtual desktops

Kalkman: They finally added them jaawerth

Vafiadis: However I apparently seem to be alone in this

Vafiadis: Kalkman: in windows 10 you mean?

Vafiadis: Yeah, haven’t gotten around to really playing with it yet, though I have windows 10 on a personal machine

Kalkman: I have one buddy who is a die hard windows fan and he’s ranting and raving about them

Kalkman: He’s a hardcore gamer tho there’s no other options for him

Vafiadis: In the past when I’ve been stuck in windows-land I’ve used dexpot, which can be configured with msot of the features I’m used to, but you can see it’s hobviously a hack since it does all sorts of sneaky minimizing that it doesn’t quite hide perfectly

Paulhus: What is apparently wrong is the prejudice that you can’t do things right from the console, like in linux. you can!

Kalkman: You can do somethings, in a roundabout and inconsistent way.

Vafiadis: Paulhus: what do you use for a console? I ***ume you don’t use the stock one

Kalkman: But eugh no thank you

Lango: Don’t worry this will wrap around to NodeOS

Kalinoski: Impaloo: JS runs on all OSes mentioned

Lango: Which is clearly fully superior

Kalkman: All computers have J keys, JS starts with J.related!

Lango: My initials are js :3