My go-to project for.

Defusco: The debugger is just showing the one file or the files that were there before and not the new one at least

Defusco: Xatenev: so should clearing hist update this? Because I’ve tried that

Mcclintic: You have to clear ur cache lol

Defusco: Oh right, I thought they were all lumped together

Lidge: Chronic = Delete newest Chroniic

Mcfan: Tick the cache and cookies checkbox there

Colorina: And select “Today” or something

Defusco: I cleared it in Network

Defusco: Not sure what chronic is

Defusco: Kalkman: I want to clear firefoxs cache not mine

Steinbacher: Hey i want to use onclick=”this.changecsscl***” but i don’t know what i have to write between script/script help pls

Studyvance: Silee that question did not make much sense

Callari: Start by telling what the desired end result is

Milosevich: Var el = do***ent.querySelector’#someId’; el.addEventListener’click’, function {***Name = ‘bla’; }

Reczek: Silee: it should be more something like id=”mything” and then scriptfunction changecsscl*** {} $’mything’.clickchangecsscl***;/script. but yeah, better describe whats your requirements/use case

Samec: I want to change a cl*** of a div in js without select it with ID in order to use the function for differents div

Mate: Silee: Using inline event handlers is bad practice and results in poorly factored, hard-to-manage code. Consider attaching your events with Javascript, instead, eg:

Wagemann: Http://

Kalkman: Silee: you can bind it in a loop using a cl***, and then use “this” inside the handler to refer to the specific node

Heyn: Silee: instead of id you can give the elements a css cl*** and select per css cl*** to attach event handler

Pietz: Clason: this will not affect all the divs with the same cl***es?

Kalkman: Silee: for example, div cl***=”foo”a/div div cl***=”foo”b/div and then in your js file: var nodes = do***ent.querySelectorAll’.foo’; .forEach.callnodes, function { this.addEventListener’click’, functione { console.logthis.innerHTML; }; };

Kalkman: Silee: that’s why you give it a unique cl*** specific to this thing you’re doing

Stapley: One more day, then moving to San Jose :

Kalkman: Or use a data attribute if you prefer to select, instead of a cl***

Weiss: Ok thanks guys ! I succeded!

Bocskor: I am thinking of learning javascript. I am reasonably adept at programming in c and unix shell. but never tried anything in javascript. for a person solid on programming basics, what resource do you recommend as a great way to study/learn javascript?

Rosencrantz: Kapu: mozilla developer network has nice introductions

Elvis: I’d try and pick up the basics and then just start doing something.

Forcade: And remember to forget all you preconceptions about inheritance. :-

Elvis: Well, neither c nor shell script have inheritance.

Gottdenger: Tcsc: I was thinking that but didn’t reply

Zazueta: Guess it won’t be an issue 😛

Schmeltzer: True, but I’m mentioning it just to make you aware of it.

Oun: Pilum: thanks, I wasn’t sure if maybe I forgot something then tcsc confirmed my thought that its just not a part of what I have learned

Elvis: Kapu: js isn’t that difficult of a language, so i’d come up with a project to do that’s smallish and self-contained, and then do that

Braunberger: Kapu: also js exists in different contexts. There are browsers and there’s node, for example

Shriver: Which one are you more interested in?

Oachs: In browsers you will also have to know some html and css, at least the basics

Chaddick: I have basic understanding of those

Elvis: My go-to project for learning a new technology is implementing a space invaders clone