Ms7: implementation is not.

Kithcart: I have an urgent job that I need help with, and don’t know any good js programmers. The job requires couchdb / pouchdb / leaflet integration. I will pay in bitcoin, and I don’t mind using a escrow service. It should only take someone with experience with the mentioned libs 1-4 hours.

Muellerleile: Sadara, you should probably offer paypal as an option; not that many people use bitcoin; also it’d probably take 30-60 minutes just to get the requirements clear

Chatters: Biddlecome: I have a mostly completed site that I can point at for the requirements. I ***umed anyone doing this kind of work online would be using bitcoin. I don’t mind other payment options.

Parolari: Biddlecome: Interisted?

Pownell: Nope, I have a lot of other work to get done

Valenti: Do I have to do anything special to get gulp-babel to compile jsx? I’m still getting “Unexpected token: ” errors further down the chain, like it hasn’t been compiled

Gourd: Guys is there a way to push an item to an array in order with a column

Dalley: For example i have a, s, z

Bielak: When I do array.pushb

Savel: It becomes a, s, z, b

Ketterer: Is there a short method to make it a, s, b, z while putting the element inside

Maisto: Ozd, did you mean a, b, s, z ?

Splatt: Array.splice2, 0, “b”;

Haraldson: That’ll only work if you know where you’re inserting it though

Weesner: Ozd: there’s no single method, but you can chain methods like array.pushb.sort

Kwasny: Bigjono yeah I’ll do that

Marshalsea: I think there is no single simplest method of doing it

Venanzi: Like angular’s orderby property

Smallman: Thanks Splatt and BigJono

Lusco: Hmm you might actually have to split it up onto 2 lines. I think push returns the length of the array, not the array itself unlike sort

Splatt: Make a loop for it to search for the item it has to insert before, then splice it in there

Lafond: Don’t need to do that, just use array.indexOfx

Tippet: Not sure what is faster out of indexOf+splice or push+sort, I’d imagine the former, I’d also imagine it’s nowhere near enough to bother optimising in your average web app

Johal: Hi, i can use WScript.CreateObject”Excel.Application”; but how do i access XlFileFormat?

Zickefoose: So, still working with promises and it was going pretty well until I try to get an initial track queued up. on line 34, nextTrack is coming out null, but is this because getNextTrack is looking for something that hasn’t been created yet? I thought that would be fixed by initializing the playlist like I did on line 30.

Frierdich: What is the room’s opinion on using JS’s native promise API compared to libraries? Have those libraries begun to phase out as more and more JS environments begin to implement native promises?

Mccort: Ms7: Bluebird is still faster than native promises.

Grenet: You can pretty much ignore the other Promise libraries.

Dieppa: Are people generally sticking to Bluebird despite native promises being available because of this? Are there any proposed changes to native promises to reflect the speed issue?

Alsup: I’m doing do***ent.getElementById in my script but it returns undefined, if i do it manually in the console it returns the element

Hules: What could be the reason?

Nasser: FffuuuL: Got some code?

Wind: Most likely it’s due to you calling do***ent.getElementById before the elements have been created.

Wynder: Haavy: Reading the comments in response to the first answer seems to reinforce my understanding that it’s a bit odd to have native promises but because their implementation is not optimized, people are relying on a library that goes against ES6 specs. Does anyone else have any thoughts on this?

Hathorn: Ms7: implementation is not a spec, afaik