Mehmeh: JS doesn’t have.

Marian: I’m reading a comment on a code. It says there, to get errors in jsonp, a timeout is the only solution

Pickhardt: Is this true? I’ve never used jsonp

Spuler: Scheppke: if you want a consistent string then build it yourself from the basic Date methods

Straight: Scheppke: use moment.js

Mudie: I’m new to javascript, in early learning stages, i’d like to display a text but when it exceeds certain length to make it dispear orpgressively like if i apply a gradian on it, how can i achieve this ? i was reading “wekbit-mask-image” but it does not look to be the right thing

Straight: Ohmy: you can do that with CSS, no JS needed.

Straight: Ohmy: overflow:hidden and text-overflow: ellipsis iirc

Jointer: Straight: of course, as i said i’m new, JS and CSS are correlated for me :

Roush: Straight: thanks again

Scheppke: Spuler: true, I guess I just make a small function for that.

Morrison: Straight: the thing is that i’d lile the exceeding part to disapear progressively as if apply a gradiant on it

Bodah: Straight: e.g like overflow: visible but for the characters rendered outside the element’s box to disapear progressively sorry if i’m boring you with this :

Hjalmarson: For one page apps. how can I set the url parameter without using a hash so the parameter request doesn’t go to the webserver? I seen frameworks like angular ui-router be able to do this but not sure how it does it

Straight: Ohmy: then you need to conditionally apply CSS, with JS. it’ll be super hard, for virtually no benefit

Spuler: Dman777_alter: with location.hash

Wakley: Spuler: Window.location – Web API Interfaces MDN

Blome: Spuler: without using the hash though. I think I need to use pushstate

Josten: I could use page.js but it seems like only 30 lines would be needed to make my own routing

Straight: Dman777_alter: don’t build things yourself when libraries exist.

Straight: The history API is so inconsistent and broken across browsers, there’s no way you’ll be able to handle it yourself more efficiently than an existing solution

Straight: S/the history API/everything

Speziale: Straight: even with current generation browsers? I’m using Polymer so old browsers wouldn’t work regardless

Hagenhoff: Straight: interesting.thanks

Alessi: Straight: which is your prefered library for routing?

Wakley: Dman777_alter: browserstate/history.js · GitHub

Straight: My preferred solution is to not reinvent browsers, and to not write SPAs, but that’s another debate

Hardi: Wow.that hasn’t been updated since 2013. it’s still the best choice?

Straight: I mean, the api hasn’t changed

Straight: I see and

Straight: I’d say, use it and see

Shumay: Straight: thanks. I will ether use that or page.js.

Knapke: Https:// . would that be a bad choice?

Rumschlag: It’s what polymer recommended

Engelson: Having trouble understanding what popstate is

Spuler: Dman777_alter: it’s the back button

Rougeaux: I’m really tired today and I cant even use my brain properly

Mcsherry: Could you please tell me whats wrong here?

Vollman: SET trimmedValue EVAL””{{!EXTRACT}}”.replacebmsg NickServ confirm w{9}b;”

Thebeau: Giving me: SyntaxError: Unexpected token ILLEGAL,

Ourada: Must be something simple but. well :/

Spuler: Mehmeh: what language is that supposed to be?

Habel: Mehmeh: JS doesn’t have arbitraryName arbitraryIdentifier arbitraryIdentifier. syntax