Madsy, yep, but html.

Gull: Hudo: what happens? is there an error message?

Jardin: Leverson, that went over my head. lol

Moller: A new tab is opened, as expected, and there appears the login site from ebay, but the 2 fields are not filled with values

Leverson: K2gremlin, I would go with an API like validaterules, value where rules is an array of functions, and value is the string

Grubman: Leverson, I think what I have will suffice for this cl*** for now. Is there a way to submit it to a mailto?

Leverson: K2gremlin, to send email you need a server

Polinsky: Well it wont really send.

Leverson: Unless you use some online service or something

Hutchin: But it is live on my server

Varenhorst: I could setup email lol

Krysiak: Im pretty solid with server and hosting stuff. Just learning javascript is going rough for me

Mcdearman: Leverson,

Knoerzer: Gotta check on dinner brb.

Vilar: Ahh. the joy of reverse engineering garbage code 😀

Karol: Leverson, my individual project is much better to the eye.

Bachleda: Bfig, check the 8880 site. critisize that one lol. The team one. we have a retarded “lead” and its crap.

Cozort: Bfig,

Leverson: Looks oldschool I guess

Gibby: This guy decided to prefetch *the whole database*

Cales: Leverson, you talking the blue one?

Banco: Agree it is dated as all. *** but like I said team “project” can’t really change to much and still keep it flowing between 8 pages.

Banbury: Nice, i work selling league of legends stuff

Volpe: Bfig, index and brackets pages still in process. I like the way the teams page came out

Slovacek: Alignment was a mofo! lol

Forgey: Who’s doing the web design?

Stealy: I’m also a season IV diamond player and built a pro team that did decent last year

Calleja: As a manager. I’m more business inclined and too old to be a player

Midgett: Bfig, that LoL page is all me.

Wacyk: K2gremlin: cool, I can see there is a lot of work there :

Trapp: Bfig, the two js functions on the team page are only to meet requirement for the project lol

Bernick: Bfig, I am really enjoying the website coding. if only I could wrap my head around js

Leverson: K2gremlin, have you read Eloquent?

Konopacki: K2gremlin: Eloquent JavaScript is a comprehensive introductory Web-based book with examples and a built-in interpreter.

Szymkowski: Http:// – me and my business partner founded this team, got them a gaming house, sponsorships, etc.

Mauras: Ill start right after dinner!

Wettlaufer: Bfig, thats awesome! Im a lowly siv 3/4 player lol

Dayley: Bfig, cs is getting better

Dornak: I never featured as manager though, that’s. a complex thing to explain 😀

Winninger: My question is now on stack overflow:

Fordham: Jslave: dump.push”

Fordham: When the still sea conspires an armor

Hulzing: Hm. does javascript have functions for html-escaping and unescaping? I checked stack-overflow but a lot of the suggestions seemed shady

Warmbier: Madsy, nope, you have to .replace

Chadez: Biddlecome: It’s one of those things where people go “That’s easy to do yourself, how can you possibly mess that up?” right before their website users get bitten by a XSS

Voelker: Madsy, yep, but html escaping is actually really difficult because there are a lot of contexts for escaping