Lol works on js fiddle but.

Greenfeld: I been there in fact, but is a bit difficult to understand I was expecting a simple example anyway thanks

Favela: El.adDEventListener’transitionend’, function doTransit { el.removeEventListener’transitionend’, doTransit; /* do the stuffs */ }; // does this do what I hope?

Crumlish: Jsparks_: JS is a dynamic, prototype-based language. You just create objects, e.g.: var a = { foo: 1 }, and your properties can be any object, e.g.: var b = { qux: a }.

Watley: Jsparks_: basically: forget all of the complicated thingies you’re used to in Java, PHP, or any other OO language. JS only has objects. You create objects by using object literals. Objects may inherit directly from any other object. That’s all.

Konopacki: Jsparks_: summarizes Object Oriented Programming in Javascript, using concepts from ECMAScript 5, and relating them back to older paradigms from ECMAScript 3

Trejos: Hey can someone let me know what I’m doing wrong with this script, I wanted to toggle a css cl*** using jquery, but I just can’t get it to work. Much help appreciated! JSFiddle –

Capata: First, remove . in toggleCl*** “.activated”

Vigna: Method toggleCl*** ***umes cl*** name.

Faretra: Another thing, you are using $.fn fn = prototype overwritten by jQuery library, but jQuery library is not included in the project.

Drafts: 1. Add jQuery in jsFiddle project

Rilling: 2. Try $”.YourElement”.on”click”, function{ $this.toggleCl***”activated”; };

Howland: 3. add !important tag, as in .activated { color: red !important }

Flemings: Since there is already something that changes appearance of each periodic element cell, it might be overwriting the toggle function — so that’s the reason for !important — though, that is not always the best solution

Masenten: Come back here with results, to receive a cookie.

Altmiller: Hey so it was something simple but was getting confused by the selector “.” syntax lol

Burtis: Https://

Minges: Now my next task is resizing the pop window in my app so it shows the entire table without user having to resize, any suggestions?

Marsolek: Well, there are two views on mobile.

Bolenbaugh: One way, you can capture $window.resizefunctionmsg{ . };

Flister: Grab the width of the screen.

Barkema: Adjust CSS accordingly.

Pazos: No need for mobile, this will be a research app that research groups would use in labs

Ahsan: Take width. Divide by max # of cells in 1 row. That should be your new cell width/height 😀

Meixner: can try to use WebKit’s scale property.

Nenni: Hi guys, once i use webpack everything is no longer in global namespace, but I’d like to use browser REPL for some debugging, how do I export something to global namespace?

Lobo: Hmm this is weird do u have to place the jquery/js code anywhere special in html doc to work because its not showing in my browser

Schlichter: Hmm I’ll try it both ways but let me look at the webkit too

Tankersly: Under headscript src=”jquery.js”

Dugi: Yes, you have to download jQuery library at and included it first

Leverson: Tongcx, what are you trying to debug? That smells XY problem to me.

Leverson: Not sure why you’d need to make variables global to debug something

Aggas: Leverson: in my script there is this function ‘xscale’, i want to test it against some input in the broswer’s repl window

Wittner: Leverson: i didn’t write that function, it’s in d3

Villescas: Aha, i can add a break point and debug from there

Claro: Like this ?

Sathiraboot: Yes, just add type attribute as well

Greenlaw: Script src = ‘jquery.js’ type = ‘text/javascript’/script

Gerbs: Lol works on js fiddle but not on my machine :’C