Lol I had to learn how to.

Brodeur: Handle their respective rejections maybe

Schramek: Wrap the db promise in another promise?

Gentleman: Schramek: each individual promise in the array will still resolve normally.

Micco: Daragao, Some reasons to use compile-to-js languages is to boost your productivity, maintainability, or ease of development. If you don’t think a particular language will do that for you, then don’t use it.

Rameriez: For example, I haven’t been able to justify learning any of the compile-to-js languages, but I /always/ use S*** a css pre-processor because it does boost workflow.

Mcdannell: Hey guys, anyone here know how to work from home and possibly travel whilst doing so? I currently work a standard 9-5 job that doesn’t allow to work externally and am looking to change.

Coppin: Somerandomguy_, Find a position that will allow you to work remote, and invest in a good laptop.

Schramek: Somerandomguy_: Get a new job?

Schramek: Gentleman: Thanks. There was a flaw in my logic. If I want to catch certain promise fails and make them p*** should I wrap the query in another promise?

Schramek: Gentleman: I want success on Duplicate entry as I silently will handle it

Gentleman: Schramek: in that case, you probably want Promise.allpromises.mapmakeThemP***

Schramek: Gentleman: Thanks. Will look into it

Kura: Samssh: Schramek: do you know of any site or strategy to find places that specifically allow for remote work?

Schramek: Somerandomguy_: Just look around. Plently of places allow remote

Wherry: Schramek: what would you do if you were to find one that has remote? craigslist?

Ondrick: Somerandomguy_, If the lifestyle suits you, freelance wevdev is primarily remote.

Scolieri: Somerandomguy_, Everyones looking to work from home though, the question is: Can you compete?

Pellham: If you can’t do the research yourself to find those remote jobs then probably note :

Zeyadeh: Samssh: Literphor: Yes, that is what I was looking to do. I am willing to compete for it

Alquesta: I figure I should start doing this now and grow rather than stay at this company and have those freelance opportunities p***

Schramek: I only worked from home when a Freelanced. The company then hired my full-time and generally no more remote unless I need to

Gundry: Schramek: I’m in that same boat

Gaslin: But I want to go back to freelance

Pomo: And try my best to make it more lucrative

Utzinger: I’m trying to find out how

Stanley: I don’t think freelance and a lucractive salary is least when I was freelancing having to bid against people who’s willing to work for $5 dollars an hour

Katon: Somerandomguy_, Maybe start by making a Portfolio if you don’t have one/ You should have your own website at least, I think

Schramek: If you want to freelance you’ll need to bend over for people and fight for contracts

Ketchen: Clients only see the price tag, and don’t worry about the quality of their software until it’s riddled which bugs and updates are impossible. I would never want to go back to freelancing

Vanduyne: I seem to have good clients so far

Baise: Although the general consensus is indeed speed over quality

Elsheimer: Of course it’s necessary

Massar: Otherwise I don’t get paid more

Casarrubias: Gillice: Have you been freelancing for some time?

Schramek: Since I was hired full-time I’ve been trying to make speed not a priority. It’s tough. They only see $$$.

Lobdell: Somerandomguy_: I have for many years but never really made an effort. Then a while ago, people starting approaching me asking if I could do a thing or two for them

Lozzi: And as we speak I am refactoring a project for a paying and patient client and I have another ongoing 20eu/h job pending

Camire: Lol I had to learn how to work around people. Worse than the clients are the developers that work for them.and having to convince them to why and how to optimize certain parts. Most of the time it’s just easier to do it yourself and they don’t even notice cause who does code reviews, right?