Keitsock yeah in that sense.

Mccuan: I can’t select a child element since it doesn’t have one.

Werkheiser: If I don’t want to do crap like write my own array equality methods and so on, what’s a good library to throw into my project?

Werkheiser: I’m just looking for a shallow equal atm, but sure

Rizor: So. you want one level deep?

Rizor: I dunno about a library for different depths of equality like that but shallow equality isn’t too bad

Olaes: Function arrayEqa, b{ return a.length === b.length && a.everyfunctionx, i{ return bi === x } }; arrayEq1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, arrayEq1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, 4, arrayEq1, 2, 3, 3, 2, 1

Gerrero: Hameen: object true, false, false

Rizor: Haha I was about to write the same thing only with a.filter..length 0. I always forget about .every

Rizor: But a.length === b.length === a.filter..length

Feerick: Almost forgot webgl on my resume

Hogan: My validate js makes my form look funny on the notifications not sure how to fix

Hervey: Http://

Pekala: If you type a letter a for email and tab it looks like it is notifying on the next field

Tamashiro: So i need the notication to be closer to the very bottom of previous field

Feerick: Do i even bother keeping that i know flash on here?

Feerick: I’ll put actionscript. they’ll know.

Keitsock: Keavon: did you figure it out? text is a node fyi

Keitsock: It’s called a text node

Keitsock: Though ideally you would just wrap the text in a span and select it that way

Luci: Could someone help me test my bot please? join #GiraffeBot5 and type ‘.join’ and ‘.ready’

Bevis: AHA! I think I now kind of understand this prototype/interface topic, Hameen sorry for highlighting you, if you are around could you take a look at this if I got this right? Ive wrote it from the scratch as the way I imaged it and it works 😀

Keitsock: Giraffe_: you could open a second discussion client fwiw :

Pallanes: Dont want to registe cjohnson

Keitsock: Why would you need to register? don’t understand

Granbois: Looks fine AramKaram, though you should probably call that “Car” and not “Cars”

Keitsock: AramKaram: also, and this is entirely personal preference, I would prefer to write that as “function Car.”

Keitsock: But yep you got it right

Stolebarger: Keitsock: the channel is +r requires registered

Goldwater: Granbois Keitsock thanks for confirming it: Im glad I kind of get it now, Keitsock would it make any actual difference if i convert it into function declaration ?

Rahman: Granbois hey man long time no see huh? how are you doing? I hope you doing well buddy

Gastello: Could someone tell me locate “console” on chrome.

Greth: Smgs Settings — More tools — Developer tools — console

Gastello: AramKaram, thanks checking

Gastello: F12 in short. right? AramKaram, but then i dont see “console”

Keitsock: AramKaram: no impact whatsoever, which is why I prefer the shorter one

Keitsock: Well, except you can hoist with the declaration

Gastello: Elements, network, Sources, where ?/

Keitsock: But I vote against using hoisted functions

Odaniel: Keitsock ah I see, that makes sense, tho hoisted functions are cool ;

Gastello: Got it. AramKaram, thanks

Spilski: Smgs it’s there. try the drop down or make your browser wider so it’ll appear, it should be there

Keitsock: AramKaram: they just confuse me, I prefer to be able to read the code top to bottom when I can and have it make sense in chronological order

Curia: Keitsock yeah in that sense you are absolutely right, indeed its easier to make better sense of code that executes top to bottom rather than trying to figure out at which point given function is available. and then turns out it wasn’t available at the time you called it and such. I know what you mean :