Just to give one.

Iwanejko: Alright, so, then these functions would be called up as methods and used elsewhere within the widget/page/app, correct?

Iwanejko: Sorry, I’m making this pedant mode. If it’s a bit much, I’ll shut up.

Iwanejko: Alright, at least I know I’m thinking down the right path. Thanks.

Sobanski: I’ll get my Pi to make me breakfast

Abramovich: I can’t speak for everyone but I’m doing quite alright, my brain is jammed up though

Streitenberge: I can’t seem to find my pace writing code

Rackow: Lol – i feel brain locked, too.

Allvin: I get in to a trend and start spitting out lines of code as quickly as bone thugs can spit out lyrics.

Strakbein: Then i get to the point to where i figure out a difficult challenge, get it working and i get distracted by everything else around me.

Dahlin: It’s like – when the challenge stops? my brain stops.

Dundlow: Haha – i’m oldschool. don’t judge me :

Realmuto: Oh dang react-native for android is out

Kua: Anonola: but do you sling code like a bad*** warlord

Duerksen: Http://careers.stackoverflow.com/jobs/95899/javascript-bada-warlord-wanted-sumomecom?utm_source=stackoverflow.com&utm_medium=ad&utm_campaign=small-sidebar-orange-remote

Bagwell: I’m having trouble with an image rotator plugin I want inside a modal. On the initial modal open the image grid is hidden, but it works fine if you resize the window any amount. if the modal is closed, and the window is resized it is hidden again until a resize. how can I prevent this? here’s a codepen http://codepen.io/killa-kyle/pen/YyyJKQ

Spritzer: Torkable: those stackoverflow ads are perfectly placed

Economus: The trouble is, the perfect placement means there’s a lot more competition for those same jobs

Mikel: I just like how bro’d out the ads are getting

Iwanejko: Yeah, that pay-range is nothing to bro about. Wish I could compete. I’m still struggling with objects. :

Jandron: Im not a cop any more, bro

Reitmeyer: That pay range is sketchy af

Lumbard: Literally more than doubles itself

Iwanejko: I’m making 30k salary for an ebook development job. I’d take it.

Sisneros: This place is great and you have no idea how much we are willing to pay you

Corde: May as well make it $0 – $∞

Pulliam: Hey JSers, what do you think of the Postman client? Or is curl good enough?

Astley: Use what you like lol

Bordes: Lol but i cant think for myself

Shaud: Can anybody recommend any good resources on the latest version of sproutcore?

Reineck: PenguinMan98: you’re the only person I’ve seen ask about that framework in years I think. 😛

Storck: But, I just got this job and hey!

Reineck: Yeah it’s a UI framework type of thing iirc

Reineck: Yeah tbh I have no idea if it’s any good, only familiar with the name

Granes: It’s kind of a spiritual ancestor of React in that it’s built around the concept of building javascript objects that represent panels of content on the site and you modify those to modify the page

Trumble: But it can be two way if you register the variables to be two-way

Fallen: It’s not a bad technology all things considered. I just need to know it better than I already do

Nurnberger: Sproutcore views – backbone views – react views?

Richwine: Backbone is the old guy in that chain I’m sure

Mcvey: The issue is that the front end development world churns so quickly it rarely matters much which you learn firest.

Barcello: Give it a year or two and it’ll change

Demmer: I think it’s mostly stayed the same

Rocasah: No way. It changes almost monthly. Angular is losing market share to React at a phenomenal pace

Birkey: Just to give one example