Just some 19yo bloke.

Westhouse: I’m glad I’m so far usually the only one

Stripling: The next job as well, they don’t have a single huge interweaved application, they rely on individual bits

Sudan: Gillice: When you say you have been doing so for many years but never really making an effort what do you mean?

Sundet: So whenever I make something for them, I can use my own workflow, as long as it interfaces properly

Southward: Somerandomguy_: well I’ve been webdevving and accepting stray jobs but I never really went out to look for work

Wilterdink: I was in school and had a job and it was mostly a side thing

Conzales: How do you find these jobs then?

Lickfelt: A lot of them via IRC

Thorsted: A few times I actually e-mailed a webmaster and told them their site is ****

Boissy: I get stressed out thinkin about all the hands that work on these freelance projects and how easily malicious code could be hidden somewhere

Nedman: And whether they’re interested in a better one

Naro: Yadi yadi it’ll make you money

Gressett: Hey guys i populate a form with default values from a database in the form i have a dropdown that usually populates from another dropdown when they select however i need it to populate based on teh default value

Vaghy: So what’s stopping you?

Towry: Any ideas how i can do this as the onload doesnt work as part of a form

Gardley: The default value is p***ed on by the database for the first dropdown, no?

Schramek: Gillice: Tried that once. They didn’t bite. They have a web contact already. It was awful. Don’t even think it was PCI compliant

Stana: Gillice: Would what you do be considered lucrative? I think I would only need to have food, and accommodations lol.

Gramolini: Then reuse it for the 2nd?

Mccolm: And i need it to send the this.value from the first dropdown even though its a default value

Destiche: Somerandomguy_: I’m only beginning to make money from this, I can’t tell at this point. I think it might get me far enough to rent a small apartment and support myself

Aranas: Somerandomguy_: I have no idea how far this reaches, I think a lot also depends on how far you want to take it

Shepler: That’s what I figured

Sprowls: I’m actually basically in the same boat as you

Walkington: With the right work ethic you can take webdev into the hundred thousands, but most of us don’t bother to make such an effort

Killen: Or was until I found this job and now I want to see how far that route goes.

Onusko: The easiest way to get far fast is coming up with a successful site

Cobane: Think omegle, agar.io

Carranza: Relatively simple sites that draw millions of people

Rymer: Therefore I’ll probably always be working on side-projects

Orlinsky: Just in case something sticks

Burriss: Lol those are simple sites? i’m doomed

Linn: I wouldnt be able to build either

Hui: Well, relatively simple concepts more so

Geffrard: Unless I get into seriously studying

Schramek: Agar.io is ridiculous

Callejas: I could probably build both, although for agar.io I’d need to do some research

Galinol: I’m familiar with socket.io but it does not allow for that kind of communication

Lierz: Schramek: whenever someone comes up with those games I just can’t believe it doesn’t exist yet

Schramek: Gillice: You can use socket.io for it

Westin: I wonder how the communication for agario is working

Tyberg: Schramek: it’d lag ridiculously

Flicker: You’ll want to utilize UDP

Prendes: Yeah, I’d like to know what’s under the hood of agar.io

Mooneyhan: It inspired me though

Minerd: Just some 19yo bloke ****ting out one of the most popular sites of the year