Jordy, p*** a function.

Elvis: Pikul: no, i can look at it in the inspector and run matchMedia

Elvis: It literally thinks the screen size is 560px

Rux: How come jsbin links never open for me – do we need an account?

Basten: Asw_: yeah, but only because the image doesn’t resize 😛

Elvis: Also window.innerHeight inside the iframe is 568px, and outside it is 212px.

Elvis: Which is just a huge difference.

Canlas: Man my window has Amezcua graphics

Gouin: Gillice: sorry, what do u mean doesn’t resize? It does resize. I can zoom in and out on my smartphone browser

Rubloff: In the CSS properties window of the element, does it say your query is being used or crossed out?

Elvis: I have several media queries. the wrong one is being used.

Kuker: How can I add onClick to a javascript generated button element? “element.onclick = function test {};”; doesn’t work for me

Elvis: The one for taller windows.

Alkire: Your media queries are getting a wrong device height that’s what you are saying?

Elvis: And every other available method of getting the ddevice height is wrong too

Cereo: This queries are inside the iframe right?

Calle: Asw_: yes, but then you’re resizing the entire page with everything in it

Divito: Asw_: what I mean is, I can’t tell the image to always be 100% of the viewframe

Charlebois: Then the map will get an offset

Gager: Because the map is fixed in pixels

Gelbowitz: And the iframe proportions don’t match the screen size

Gentleman: The queries are INSIDE the iframe?‽?

Elvis: They’re on the page linked to by the iframe

Gentleman: Quick, hide in the guest room and lock the door

Morea: Asw_: zooming in on a page is just the digital version of using a magnifying gl*** on a newspaper

Adamczak: Asw_: a centimeter is still a centimeter on the paper, even though it appears to you as 5 centimeters now

Mattas: But you can also decide to let the image rescale itself relative to something else

Elvis: Gentleman: why is that so bad? I don’t have control over the iframe page although I could bug those who do, but multiple things might be linked to via this iframe.

Barranca: That won’t work with an image map, you need to know the image’s exact dimension in pixels

Gentleman: Tcsc: i was just making a “the killer is inside the house” joke

Obeid: Https:// – any js library which makes it possible to do popups like here hover the table?

Diab: Nhpup.js is used here but that seems to be something really old.

Zajc: But the do***ent size is being matched if visited from a non-iframe?

Schuermann: So you are saying the do***ent size is 500~ but you have an iframe that is 200~

Elvis: Inside the iframe the window size is 500px, outside it it is 200px

Elvis: I’ll find out what the size of the iframe is from outside of the iframe

Elvis: Yeah, if i’m outside the iframe, it sees the iframe as being 573px tall

Elvis: Which is annoying, since it should be 100vh

Cariaso: Well, can’t you resize the iframe?

Elvis: Sort of but it’s still broken unless i hardcode the height.

Kostiuk: I feel like, the iframe inner do***ent is not resizing to the iframe element size

Elvis: 100% and 100vh both make it 568px tall.

Salomon: BBCodeButton.onclick =”ajouterBBCode’message_reponse’, ‘test’, ‘/test’, 6″;

Sheward: Why is this not working?

Baruffa: It’s not getting added to the HTML button element :

Artison: Tcsc, this has to be a css only solution?

Ludovici: Jordy, p*** a function instead of a string