I’ve split a file into a.

Wener: Figured out the eslint issue — doesn’t do anything if you don’t have some of indent, quotes, semi, extends

Edgerson: Grimor: Hmm. ok. I just want to reload what’s already inside the div. makes sense?

Biesenthal: Yes, but you need reload it with new data

Mirsky: So you need to ex. AJAX call that will get it from some API or something

Bertuzzi: Man, “full stack” has been so diluted as a term. I keep reading job postings that say “required: 3-5 years iOS app development experience”

Bertuzzi: If they’re looking for an iOS dev, just say that in the posting.

Sprang: Who hasn’t done more than -2 years of iOS app development?

Skroch: Grimor: So there isn’t any easy way to just reload it with its current content?

Loukidis: Basically just want to F5-refresh the div

Larison: Gawap: You can’t reload only the div, lol

Magnano: Reload refreshes the entire page.

Botellio: Hi, how do I break a loop from inside a nested function? like this: http://hastebin.com/eciqudomew.coffee

Wlodarczyk: Do i need a callback for that?

Ovesen: Anotheryou: just return;

Dock: Anotheryou return true/false from the function — inside the loop; if false { break; }

Pecoraino: Function { ifsomething { return; }

Mowatt: Or name the loop with a label

Searing: Grimor, that breaks just the loop? why would the loop return anything?

Maia: Oh, you want to break loop

Leys: Ankr, looking good. will try that

Searls: Label: loop { break label; }

Morono: Yes, best way is to return ex. false from function and if function return false break the loop

Piske: Goddamn this npm library just threw up a bunch of alerts when there was an error, what year is this

Pernesky: Ankr, in the loop i put: ifmyFunctioni == false{break;}; right?

Tobosa: Piske, At least it installs.

Dart: Or just if !myFunctioni { break; }

Mender: Hm. causes strange behaviour in my spagetticode :

Legaspi: But you are on the right path, extracting logic into smaller functions reduces the spaghettiness ;

Harkey: Do I have to return true otherwise too?

Trabazo: For smaller fuctions: how do you arrange them? I can declare them anywhere in any order, but what makes sense?

Bettis: 5 years experience with Swift plz

Bodda: Anotheryou That’s a big topic and often boiles down to experience. But try read about some design patterns to get inspiration.

Boswink: And yes, return true — otherwise you if will always evaluate true.

Smutzler: I’ve actually seen ads that say they want more swift experience than the language has existed

Bawcombe: Hm. bit return and break only affect the function they are directly in, nothing higher up the hirarchy, no? If i declare or call my function or loop inside antoher one, the outer one won’t be affected, right?

Leitheiser: That’s when you know all programmer job ads are bull****

Nassr: HR does all the hiring paperwork usually so they don’t know what they’re looking for precisely

Deldeo: Anybody has some good tutorial about HTML5 audio api?

Wyse: Xatenev maybe this http://webaudioapi.com/samples/ — not a tutorial per say though.

Basten: Ankr: yea especialy about 3d sound

Ochal: I wanna play sound at a specific 3D Position

Ohlinger: For some kind of “game”

Ravizee: I will check out this span id=”position-sample” style=”border: 1px solid black; display: inline-block;”

Sachse: Canvas width=”400″ height=”300″/canvas/span

Defusco: I’ve split a file into a couple of files, but this isn’t being represented in the Firefox debugger – is this because it’s cached or something?