It’s a general job channel.

Bucaro: Jesus, at that point you’re just speaking computer

Shahinian: Games: I wish that ES will get default generators. one day.

Shahinian: A “range” generator is seriously a no-brainer.

Dushaj: I need to get used to using something like webpack for my client side stuff so i can have ready-to-deploy build folders for testing and stuff

Shahinian: I can’t live without webpack these days Or browserify

Burlson: I wish i could develop with this netbook, it’s so fsckn slow that it ****es me off

Halsey: Only one thing in the development process is allowed to be slow and my brain already occupies that position

Dulin: I would like to upload a file to the PHP server like input type=”file” does

Wattson: Using Javascript, how can I do it and at the same time get the response?

Lutao: EGreg, XMLHttpRequest and FormData

Perella: Is it supported by IE8?

Malbon: Is there any method that also supports IE8?

Dejongh: You could do some trick with an iframe

Hansmann: Check XHR+FormData browser support though

Buttke: I also can base64-encode the file I suppose

Pancoast: Will that really bloat it though

Degado: Oh, that wouldn’t work in IE8 either :

Devan: When will IE9 die already

Tabler: Still too many people using IE8 and IE9 for me to ignore this

Oeler: Has anybody seen an example where a text/template script is stealing attributes from other elements on the page? This is really bizarre and kinda freaking me out.

Bazinet: Make a test case, AphelionZ

Eliopoulos: I’m not even sure how. I’m working on a shopify app and one of the users is reporting a big.

Rivinius: Don’t judge me, like I said they’re just an app user but.

Ambrosius: If you open the console and run: do***ent.querySelector”input#productPricePWYW”;

Redhage: You’ll see it’s selecting this weird js-qty input.

Trupp: But if you view source you’ll see two things, that js-qty input inside of a template with {{inputName}} in the attributes

Ivaska: And also you’ll see my actual element, the #productProcePWYW

Carmen: Im kind of baffled as to why its doing that

Olores: Or what its even doing.

Piche: Good night everyone. I have a problem with my ajax request in a plugin page for wordpress. It doesn’t throw any error but it always returns 0 and not running the function. How can I debug this?

Traicoff: Found my issue – was with the Timber theme

Koslowski: Hey guys, I’m trying to run this gulp task for testing a react app, and I’m getting the error I pasted underneath it after renaming main.js to main.jsx, even though I updated every single reference to main.js in the code

Rizvi: Http://

Demart: Does gulp-react or gulp-jasmine cache anything or anything like that? I’m stumped. :/

Bloem: BigJono, leave the name as .js or I think there’s a way to configure it to use other extensions

Zeitlin: Gulp-react doesn’t seem to want to p**** anything that doesn’t end in .jsx :S

Rasanen: Gulp-react is deprecated

Tressel: Or ideally, use browserify or webpack

Husband: I tried using browserify and reactify in gulp but I just can’t get my jasmine tests to run with them

Khlok: I’m still using them for building the code, but was going to just create a separate task for running tests

Vlashi: Http://

Baiz: Where should I be adding the step to run tests in that gulp task?

Hiscox: Is it okay to ask about hiring somone on this channel?

Raike: Sadara, also ask in #css-lance

Colosimo: It’s a general job channel despite the name