It was unusually adorable -.

Gentleman: Heroman: also, buffer = arg.buffer – do not ever ever ever conflate ***ignment with expressions.

Soroa: But anyone else reading it is seeing a garbled mess

Gentleman: Heroman: any ***ignment must always be on its own line by itself with nothing else in the statement.

Greenstein: Awww.I like squeezing in ***ignments. :

Gentleman: Those tears on your face are because it’s horrible.

Lingerfelter: Multi-line expression blocks are cute. ;.;

Gentleman: A no they’re not, b “cute” is a horrible standard to apply to programming

Gentleman: Know what’s cute? code i can understand and fix easily so i can move on to something actually cute.

Hillan: Yeah, what you should be doing is trying to create “sexy” code

Delwiche: No, seriously tho Gilgameshkun

Colao: Why do you think I design my source code editing fonts the way I do? :3

Gentleman: Because you want to be the only one to use them?

Androsky: So that code looks cute!

Semel: Does this have some kind of weird tie-in with japanese culture?

Gentleman: Origamido: usually, but don’t go too nuts with it.

Broomell: It doesn’t *have* to. XD

Diltz: Kawaisa is not exclusive to Japanese culture. :3 It’s just their word for it.

Osollo: Though*, everyone is so in their thought now

Littrel: I’ve always liked cute things.

Farrens: Right now Im rofl, killing instagram softly – and it’s ACTUALLY me – I’m a nerd that can p*** for a non nerd – made it ublic yesterday _masochee_

Lomonte: In hospital in SAC so, so bored

Bergantzel: I got little girl screaming for a 34 year old graffiti art nerd, never knew IG seo was so lame

Pavlak: And yeah, its me face on and all, can prove – ike I said im that bored

Gentleman: K well, ot stuff that’s still somewhat relevant and not full of non sequiturs :-

Wampler: Yeah I got cha’ sorry

Thedford: I needed some of my actual intellectual people to see this, whatever I’ll stop yappin’

Angeletti: Ill post something js related somehow

Gosney: Dont get me depressed about the world Origamido

Deglopper: I’m actualy a vandal and very anti social

Husul: In the hospital I can’t so much but network and rap to random asian girls from SF

Domhoff: Hi. Can I concatenate 2 unique keys to form a new unique key?

Pelland: Do you have ig pro – ill hook you up right this oent

Guajardo: I dont know that – word even chargen

Sughroue: Ah, np it’s still funny to watch sometimes – i had it for paint alone – I’, in my 30s ffs

Garcy: About those keys, does anyone know the word concatenate

Gosa: Domhoff, wouldn’t, technically, concatenating two unique keys create a new unique key by sheer logic?

Svetz: Wel joining 2 keys obviously makes a new unique key?

Gentleman: Without that ***umption, no.

Gentleman: 1 and 2 are unique, but 12 would be already used

Sawchuk: The question is semi broad

Domhoff: Yes. I think there’s a slight possibility to get the same key twice

Prevette: I got my dilaudid coming in 30 ins

Domhoff: I think maybe I’ll just can create one unique key from scratch each time

Brendeland: I literally just walked out, asked for my oxy and dilly and ancoffee

Degolyer: Next ig post incoming – watch the tags prohobo, _masochee_

Cappucci: I spent hours today watching a live stream of cats.just lying around and being adorable.

Feraco: I had to peel myself away from it, even after I started to get really hungry.

Maritn: It was unusually adorable – that doesn’t happen every day. XD