It gets ideas from both.

Myerscough: You guys dont know zone h?

Solares: Buu: I have been asking that myself for a while

Myerscough: Ill stay OT when someone is OT

Hankey: Myerscough: just stop talking

Fritsch: I would appreciate if you simply don’t write if there is no topic

Myerscough: You guys really have lost the meaning of I R C

Rippstein: I have been here for 15 years

Polhamus: There are channels for random stuff

Hankey: Dear **** take a hint

Staniec: Eh, not yet, but close 😀

Camerino: Vining: yea, maybe use comments

Lax: All teachers and stuff love comments

Bruney: Btw guys should console.log from a chrome extension work?

Sabins: For people who decided not to use tools like gulp and prefers npm scripts. I need to copy a file somewhere if it doesn’t exist and chmod it. I was thinking about a script and running that from an npm script. How does that sound?

Vining: K, I’ll put the comments back in, but with // since my professor tends to use that more than console.log for comments

Wurst: Well i wrote some kind of troll comments

Bazer: U shouldnt take exactly my comments :p

Vining: I get that, but I’ll add some info gathered from them as comments to help cl***mates

Vining: For example: // event listener is called by functiontoDoList

Schmeichel: Anybody familiar with chrome extension?

Cruson: I cant seem to understand background scripts :

Menghini: Shouldn’t “background”: {

Boatner: Https://!topic/chromium-extensions/o1orQr0gk6I

Partain: Anyone how I might get js to render within a bootstrap popover? example:

Dume: Help plox –

Domhoff: Can I ask for a custom nick if I’m using oauth?

Domhoff: I need a unique nickname for each user

Hankey: Domhoff: Don’t you get some kind of unique id, like an email, you can use?

Domhoff: I think so, but I’d like to also have a unique nick

Piske: Make the email the nick then, that’s pretty standard

Casady: If necessary just let users set a nickname in your interface, if they want to.

Domhoff: It’s for a game. I thinks players will prefer a battle nickname instead of the mail :

Fullenwider: What do you think about coffeescript ?

Hanby: Nebg, just use es6 see babel

Conable: What about Typescript?

Blackshire: Typescript works too.

Langworthy: But will ES6 be the new javascript?

Latigo: I think coffeescript’s scoping rules are badly designed – and given that the rest of the language is syntactical sugar, there’s no reason to use it.

Vallone: Babel cannot even implement ES6 100% anyways.

Gatson: Hi. I have an audio event listener updating two attributes. How do I display those attributes with readable text?

Gatson: Div id=”soundcloud-progress” data-duration=”0″ data-current-time=”0″/div I want to print data-current-time so people see how far the track is going

Bilchak: Coffeescript is for python hipsters

Partin: Rou: there are people who loves it

Watrs: Yes, and those people are python hipsters

Piske: Gatson: do***ent.querySelector’#soundcloud-progress’.dataset.duration etc

Fegles: Var soundCloudElement = do***ent.querySelector”soundcloud-progress”; var durationElement = do***ent.querySelector”#duration-display-id”; durationElement.innerText = soundCloudElement.dataset.duration

Trovillion: Rou: coffee is more ruby than python imho

Keetch: If they wanted to target Ruby, they’d be using x anonymous fns

Layhew: It gets ideas from both really