Is there a way to have all.

Fioravanti: I ***ume this is causing some issues trying to read the files

Plack: Hey guy im using this function

Lebeouf: Now i need to get a second variable p***ed from the page to the new page so i can retrieve it via get, i use this.value to get the county but i also need to attach the client ID

Piske: 16:06 tcsc mobile safari is the worst browser

Tejeda: Ffs I thought this is what chokidar is supposed to prevent

Piske: Somebody has never developed for the native samsung browsers

Piske: They’re still sticking it as “internet” on brand new phones too, based on mobile chrome that’s about 5 years old iirc

Zittel: I thought i would be able to get away with this.value + $id but it doesnt seem to like that so can someone point me in the right direction to be able to add an extra php variable to the function so i can retrieve it via explode and get in the counties2 php script

Elvis: Piske: i thought that stopped since android 4.4 or something

Piske: Tcsc: oh, maybe. this was last year when i was doing all that work, the phones were turning up with 4.2 on them

Elvis: Android from 4.4 on uses chrome as internet

Elvis: Or, like a reskinned chrome

Piske: That’s nice then, makes any future work much easier

Twohey: I know how to retrieve the value but i dont seem to understand how to send the extra variable with this.value

Elvis: Honestly we just said ‘4.4 or higher for via browser, 4.0 or higher through our app’ and we bundled a chrome build with the app

Piske: Tcsc: yeah we ended up just linking to chrome in the google play store and telling them to download that if we detected the samsung browser

Piske: So much browser sniffing in that app :

Keena: Anyone have an idea what may cause chokidar to fire 7 ‘add file’ events when there’s only 1?

Darocha: This seems to happen when more than 1 file is being watched, hmmm

Freytas: It seems like the more often I add a file, the more often it thereafter spots it being added

Sella: Thus I add it once, it detects it once

Stibb: Then I remove it and add it again, it detects two adds

Sagers: Manners13: So you are wanting to use a variable from php in your javascript, is that your question?

Malla: Manners13: If so, there are two approaches that I would recommended, either bake the id into your javascript by adding like scriptwindow.something_id = “?php echo $id; ?”;/script

Fouty: Manners13: OR the appropriate way. which would be to have the javascript fetch whatever it needs through ajax

Ginger: And have your php serve it to that ajax request

Wims: Manners13: If I were to make a suggestion, it would be that you need to decouple your server code and your client-side code

Prevette: Have a random question, looking for some help

Sahady: If I know JS, is there any point to learning Coffeescript or Typescript? Besides just looking prettier and writing less chars

Gentleman: Daragao: coffeescript is objectively horrible, so no.

Reuschel: I am not so sure about the advantages of Coffeescript but TypeScript isn’t just to make it look prettier

Gentleman: Daragao: typescript is going to be more chars because you’re adding type notations. it’s also nonstandard, but at least isn’t objectively horrible

Banes: Although used JS for the last 2 years

Hostetter: Maybe less runtime errors?

Pokrzywa: I googled it, there’s like 300 answers, none of them have any solid base, or maybe I am just not conviced until now, and really wonder why would you develop on something like that

Schramek: I’m currently working with bluebird and want to run multiple queries using Promise.all, but sometimes the queries fail which is ok and it doesn’t wait for the others to finish.

Schramek: Is there a way to have all promises resolve whether they p*** or fail?