Is Mate the es5 or es6 one.

Geib: I don’t know if there’s a query selector for that but if you traverse the DOM tree

Kaliszewski: Why is line 9 of the JS code unable to read enum_text? Apparently tUI’ is undefined, yet it isn’t? “Cannot read property of enum_text’ of undefined”

Hilsenbeck: Does oxycodone help you code

Obiesie: What happened to everyone? :-

Dishaw: Mayyzie, tUI.enum_text is looking for a property in the function object

Delcambre: You need to construct an object, and this object will have this property

Krohn: How come lines 12 and 17 are fine then?

Ruffell: They don’t throw an error because they are undefined

Elvis: Gillice: it doesn’t really effect it. I had surgery a while back and was given some at least i think it was oxycodone, and it really didn’t make a huge difference.

Dakins: That’s weird, tUI should be an object

Wenck: Good thing I don’t have any around, I’d probably get hooked to it

Hainley: Oh right i see it now

Burk: I don’t think I’d be good at B oxycodin’

Lupo: Heroman: about “.call”, it’s less optimised because the this is decided only when you execute that function, and it likely changes every time. I’m not sure if it optimises static/consistent .call arguments, you’d have to try that in IRHydra

Whitehorse: Var testvar is still part of the ***ignment to tUI

Pou: At that moment, tUI is still not an object

Bellrichard: Oh okay. That makes sense.

Duvel: It wonrks on the event handlers

Kotzen: Gillice, having a clear goal in mind helps with coding.

Scronce: Because at that time, tUI has already been populated

Weathersby: Because tUI is an bject then

Dure: Zap0: code coming together is absolutely euphoric for me

Kotzen: Im staring in amazement at my current creation right now. having one of those moments. “this is awesome, well done self. {mental pat on back}”

Shinkel: I can’t think of any drug that would benefit me in coding though. I once attempted it with amphetamines but it’s just way too distracting. A nice clear head, much preferred

Dinos: Zap0: now ctrl+a “backspace” ctrl+s

Newlan: Haha yeah, I’m refactoring some code now and I’m taking a lot so many issues

Cleark: Made the effort to use browserify and grunt for this one again

Heiner: Is it possible to use a continue statement in js? if label_name == ‘/’:continue;

Hodermarsky: Not sure why I didn’t do that right away

Hektner: Horita: I’ve heard nothing but complaints

Ped: Horita: poorly do***ented and unsupported being the worst

Urness: PyC***o, inside a loop, it should be possible

Kotzen: Horita, i am hard-core coder. i’ve got file system change-notification on all my source files, every ctrl-S causes a version-control push.

Tannery: I don’t know what would happen outisde the loop

Blade: I have little reason to switch from grunt and browserify atm

Calarco: Afaik continue; outside of a loop would be the same as ;

Mate: Horita: SyntaxError: continue must be inside loop

Turja: Uncaught SyntaxError: Illegal continue statement

Nichter: Pikul: nope, i get Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token ===

Doerner: Pikul: Can you think of a reason on why an it won’t be able to bind to a selector? ***uming that the selector does exist in the DOM

Mate: Horita: SyntaxError: continue must be inside loop

Mate: Horita: Timeout Error: Execution time exceeded 4 seconds

Townzen: Well, it’s not the continue statement

Wolsey: Mate: thank you for the valiant effort though

Escatel: Malphurs, I’m not sure I understand that correclty

Danz: Is Mate the es5 or es6 one?