Is it possible for an.

Lener: Https://

Aday: Anyway, to me was interesting to see the Ember point of view

Vanoosten: Also was interesting how much variables influences a jit, in this case even the GC

Poon: Https://

Sawyer: Deltab: yes. I’m trying to call the open method I guess

Sawyer: I have tried something like:{ ready_callback: function{ } }; to no avail

Rebillard: Hi guys, I have these 2 rows in a table each with 2 input texts, how can I get the value within the two inputs?

Pulgarin: I was hoping to use do***ent.getElementsByCl***Name”exclusionRuleTemplateInstance” then somehow get the text in the inputs

Salcedo: Http:// — I’ve got a bit of a grunt file going here. s*** doesn’t compile anymore though, since I created ‘dev’ and ‘build’ configs. What am I doing wrong there?

Pexsa: Sweet! I think I can finally read fat arrow functions more-or-less naturally now.

Pexsa: Kochel looked at a basilisk again.

Sawyer: Workisfun:

Sawyer: Loops through all elements with cl*** ‘pattern’

Munyer: Yo! if I saved an element I found using CSS selector to a variable: var x = $‘div’;, how do i perform further CSS selection on that variable?

Reeks: HowardwLo, using JQuery?

Passino: HowardwLo: $subQuery, x // with jQuery

Swelgart: X.querySelectorsubQuery // with DOM

Pasquel: In CSS selectors, what is it called when I’m trying to get the next occurance of the element? var x = $‘p.yes.first’ var y = $‘?’, x

Nissila: I’m trying to get the next occurance p.yes

Schimming: HowardwLo: $’p.yes’.eq1

Marbury: Havvy, interestingly enough, $x.findselector is faster than $selector, x

Mcmutry: I would have thought it the other way around

Mcwells: JosephSilber: Probably because polymorphism is slow.

Usman: HowardwLo: look at “siblings”

Usman: It’s the next sibling

Gambee: Using the same jsfiddle,

Dona: If I want to find the next sibling of paragraph but instead of the cl*** second, what if it’s an attribute?

Trask: Baxx: you still around?

Ledonne: Http://

Wakley: HowardwLo: Attribute jQuery API Do***entation

Usman: Use data-something, not just “data”

Usman: Html5 says if it’s an arbitrary data you should put it in data-*

Chan: If i select via attribute, will .eq still work?

Cutno: Woudln’t it try to find the next occurance of paragraph with that attribute?

Harriston: Been wondering why i can’t delete the function name made by jsonp using delete window.somefuncname

Hetland: Why are javascript files mostly not indented and using not new line so they are pretty much unreadable

Pexsa: Lumidee, What you are seeing are minified files. Most of the whitespace is removed to make the file smaller so that it can be transfered faster over the network.

Pexsa: Lumidee, You can run the code through a “prettifier” to get readable code.

Okie: Do you guys know names of some small well-written libraries or programs?

Pexsa: Well, sometimes readable.

Okie: For example, I’ve heard 2048 is well written.

Pexsa: Knod,

Okie: Literphor: for looking at examples of well-written semi-complex projects

Heatherton: Is it possible for an extension to delete a div say id=thisdiv, before the page is even loaded onto the screen? currently i’m able to do it after the page is loaded, but I’m not sure if it’s possible before