Is anyone using mimosa in.

Sarrett: So even if I abort the other tasks, I now need to wait for them to all finish aborting

Criste: For managing downloads in particular, a task queue would be a better primitive

Vories: It depends on wheather you need the whole transaction to complete or not. you can always handle failure like u want.

Neudeck: You add things to the queue, it processes the queue with a concurrency limit, individual things that fail are added again to the end of the queue to retry later.

Pujia: Why do algorithms kinda only fall into the few On patterns? Are these the only way that graphs perform? Or is it that if an algorithm is working without a bug you never expect it to do anything else

Welker: You can also include a retry limit in this model, quite easily

Binnie: Kamuela_iOS: because big O doesn’t tell you anything about performance. It tells you the worst-case or average-case algorithimic complexity, which is very different from performance.

Koestler: Kamuela_iOS: Are you asking why you tend to get a few common O cl***es in ****yzing algorithms?

Meranto: Meaning it’s a line of best fit given enough data

Aschbacher: Kerbel: thanks for the copy cURL tip. I got it working

Mahana: It’s just that I am reading a book about neo4j and it showed a few sample query times and I literally saw logarithmic versus exponential results

Plumadore: Can i list the EventListeners on an element

Munez: Kamuela_iOS: relationships usually require looking at a lot of things. You can’t, for example, linearise a graph in constant time

Tackitt: Logarithmic time is what people usually hope for in these cases

Papaleo: Hi guys Im trying to use a jquery plugin parallaxify to make it so an image fits to the page height but still stretches off screen width-wise

Anzalone: As is here

Stephen: Dumb question: 1, 2, 3.maptypeof

Dedmon: What am I doing wrong?

Aschbacher: Hrorek: typeof is not a function

Aschbacher: You will have to p*** in a function that uses typeof

Aschbacher: 1, 2, 3.mapfunction v { return typeof v; }

Konopacki: Aschbacher: object ‘number’, ‘number’, ‘number’

Everly: Why is typeof not a function

Haskins: Hrorek: because its a keyword

Aschbacher: I’m not really sure. it seems like it could easily be a function

Breitenbach: It could, but it isn’t

Aschbacher: You don’t have to use parens with it *shrug*

Reinhard: Typeof not being a function seems pretty strange to me

Castellon: But I am from the land of lisp

Ortis: Hrorek: JS has many special operators, unfortunately.

Kujala: Hey guys im gonna do this angularjs course on lynda

Hernande: Is it worth doing the json course?

Stoddard: One reason might be so that typeof x won’t fail when x does not exist, whereas funx will

Stoddard: Too bad typeof x.y.z still fails when x or y are undefined 😛

Socks: Question: how to i update the url addresses in webpage in batch?

Stoddard: You want to change a bunch of a href=.s ?

Falcioni: Question: how to i update the url addresses in webpage in batch? is javascript the right tool?

Reagin: The bunch of a href=.s of different urls, they will be updated with different urls from a json file.

Stoddard: GetElementsByCl***Name then loop

Lambright: Sweet, thank you joeytwiddle

Daiton: So, I noticed that safari doesn’t have html5 form validation, and so I’m trying to build a pattern to add bootstrap input warning if regex patterns aren’t matched, but it isn’t’ adding the cl***, am I missing something with this function?

Sarson: Is anyone using mimosa in here, especially mimosa with a require.js project?