Inherited the.


Fogt: Froehner: let us not use “murder you” in that context either okay?

Piercey: This is why I got an iPhone client. This is what I would miss if I didn’t have it. I love the world

Ketterman: Mythros: life is pain. anyone who says different is selling you something

Valin: Mythros: no one is really being mean to you here.

Sundstrom: IE isn’t returning connections to the available pool until after the response handler returns

Storch: Collin please stop thinking of yourself for a moment and help Mythros

Greenland: The hell am I looking at here

Eagan: Is there a suggested way to disable keep alive on an AJAX request, or do I just set the connection header?

Cauley: Kamuela_iOS: that’s not nice of you either.

Pestone: Brim: the best of the Internet

Westphalen: Dekok: to enjoy myself? The double standards. :

Ash: I deal with this crap ALL DAY every day of the week! PLEASE understand my pain and trouble for just a minute. : That’s all I ask.

Temples: Mythros: what was your original question?

Zerom: Kamuela_iOS: I’m not saying anything justifies Mythros behaviour, but we don’t need to spend our time making fun of it either.

Brunette: Http:// chrome only why isn’t the obj.obj.foobar = ‘hows this’; change logging? It’s listening on the object within the object and it SHOULD bubble up through the notifier.

Rimkus: My question is. When pressing the equals key, I want to take the “Current” value and add it to the “Memory” value, thus resulting in 3+3 = 6. 6+3 = 9. etc. Each time equals is pressed.

Curly: How do I fix this small snippet of code?

Hoving: Hey y’ll cute people :

Trucchi: Mythros: doing this from scratch isn’t going to be trivial, and eval IS pretty dangerous. If you’re open to using a library, I’d check out math.js. It has a built-in expression p****r that would make it MUCH easier to just have buttons that build out the math expression as strings, math.js would p**** it, and boom – you’ve got the result

Ellers: I’m up for it as long as it works.

Trucchi: You could then also as is popular on computer-based calculators give the option for people to write out the expression themselves rather than just using buttons

Trucchi: Mythros: check it out – there’s a demo on the page that will let you type in expressions to be evaluated. It’s basically a scientific calculator, just without the buttons

Schulte: This isn’t an advanced calculator. Yes it can do SOME advanced functions, but other than that this is to help people out via a website, as well as making it into an app for their phonee. etc.

Mulkins: Trucchi: Dekok thanks for the tip about Ramda, its quite nice!

Tutor: Http:// nope still not working when supplying the right notifier. Object.observesubObj, functionsubChanges. just doesn’t seem to be working

Stephson: Yes indeed, thank you for the tip

Trucchi: Mulkins: np – glad you found it useful

Vrba: Will this work if I wanna keep pressing equals and making more calculations?

Mullarkey: Would you really need to use eval in that case if you’re just expecting additions?

Krulik: Ugh, so, i got put on this project that’s some sort of ***uely interactive dom-based game, and it’s using react. gotta say, doing any sort of non-css animation with react is really tedious and painful

Trucchi: That logic you may need to build. typically the way that works is, hitting equals will p**** the expression, and you get the result – but the last used expression would be stored so if you keep pressing equals, it’d perform the last operation on the current result or something like that

Weinfeld: Tcsc: using React for a game sounds. iffy

Trucchi: That part would probably be complicated, and I doubt they have that part built into the lib

Milleson: Inherited the project