Impaloo: right, i wasn’t.

Drees: Zomg: that looks go-ish

Bodell: Zomg: you could just “domfixture”: “jhartikainen/domfixture” too specify a commit SHA or tag to lock the dep though

Haag: It has a lot of shorthands for it

Reineck: Horita: what looks go-ish? the url? 😛

Shirts: Using an inline path for includes zomg

Reineck: Ah, yeah it’s just a package.json thing

Chareunsri: Not recommended though as git endpoints are immutable

Erchul: Where npm packages are not

Bothof: Still nice thing to have though

Reineck: Less of a problem when you control the repo I think

Reineck: Obviously might not be a good idea to link against some random repo’s master :

Steakley: Unless you like to live dangerously

Thach: Impaloo: as long as you don’t rewrite history, you can just use a tag

Eutsey: Thach: can you really? because that would solve a lot of Go’s dependency issues as well

Coca: At least from common complaints

Thach: Horita:, and line 81

Thach: Now that there are things like scoped packages you don’t need that though

Swartwood: How long has npm been okay with that?

Thach: Since forever I think

Thach: Horita:

Cyler: Thach: so when you say you can use scoped, you mean you can use your own fork that you control?

Thach: But instead of putting that fork on Github, you can now put it on npm

Bridenbaker: Is it just too messy for commits to be based on versioning?

Thach: Horita: not sure what you mean by that

Phillis: Github using a versioning system for commits that lets you know what version you’re targeting

Jeng: Git has branches right now, but could branches be subdivided by versions is my question

Reineck: You can have as many branches as you like but if you’re talking about “sub branches” then no

Reineck: Obviously you can branch from a branch

Reineck: But the branch will be on the repo level

Bonnell: Horita: look at how express does it

Ekwall: They have different dev branches for each major version

Reineck: Inb4

Reineck: Sorry, I mean IBM Rapid Web Application Development Platform

Turnquist: Impaloo: looks good, that’s what I meant

Lardin: And then for versioning just target a version

Ince: Branches are continuously changing

Contento: You’d want to target a specific release i.e. a git tag

Baptise: Then why are they doing it

Bernot: Then when they feel a new release can be made in the 2.x version

Abaunza: If you’ve got 0.5.x, can you not target that

Herritt: They tag the latest commit in the 2.x branch with the new version

Feldmeier: Horita: yeah you can target that, but npm which uses semver would translate that as “any version that starts with 0.5.”

Mcnickle: Imho if you’ve got a branch called something.something.x, and you can’t be sure targeting that as a dependency isn’t gonna break the hell out of something, they’re doing it wrong

Iacopino: Horita: you’re mixing up branches and tags

Tatton: Horita:

Ziemba: Quick question, you know when you have a loop that iterates through a list of objects and you ***ign a variable based on the object, but the variable is always ***igned to the last object instead of the individual instances of the objects you wanted. What is that called?

Carlee: Abnwz: scoping, closures?

Tibbs: Impaloo: right, i wasn’t mixing them up, i just thought that actual branches were focused on minor versions rather than majors