I’m using chokidar to watch.

Straight: Gilgameshkun: he’s still a person. attacks against any person, present or not, public figure or not, are not tolerated.

Sherwood: Ok thanks Nasalroad, really appreciate the help, i will see if i can make it even better now.

Ghere: Huh, never heard of such a policy before.

Straight: Gilgameshkun: “being nice”?

Mcgahey: He’s craplisted by the LGBT community, their friends, allies and loved ones because of his public actions, unless someday he asks their forgiveness. It’s hard to be nice when talking about someone so reviled.

Freedle: Hey, I read Pink News and Gay Star News every day.

Straight: Gilgameshkun: then don’t talk about him.

Vanderford: Okay. I brought him up. So I guess I just shouldn’t. :3

Straight: If you can’t be nice about somebody, then yes, please don’t bring them up.

Melancon: Well, there’s also a bit of venting involved. When his revelations came to light, I seriously considering permanently abandoning JavaScript. But JavaScript has grown so much past him.

Riska: Gilgameshkun: eh, people still used reiserFS after it was found out the author of it murdered people šŸ˜€

Doetsch: I don’t know what that is.

Riska: It’s an alternative filesystem for linux

Riska: There’s a fork of it which renames it to murderFS šŸ˜€

Estridge: Like I said.it’s complicated.

Blessing: It’s a matter of empathizing with and wanting to help protect people it affected.

Doerfler: But yeah, it’s not what he’s *doing* – it’s what he *did*. So it’s in the past.

Straight: Gilgameshkun: eich doesn’t profit from the success of javascript, so it’s really not that complicated. when he was mozilla’s CEO, it was complicated for those working for mozilla. now that he’s not, it’s not complicated for anyone.

Burrer: But I don’t think I’d be comfortable if he continued contributing to JavaScript standardization.

Straight: Feel free to have your personal feelings and to judge his actions, but that’s not appropriate for this channel.

Straight: He is at every TC39 meeting and is a lifetime member.

Straight: Music is still good even if the artist does bad things. countries are still good even tho most of them were formed from bloody rebellions.

Straight: Just let the topic go.

Riska: It isn’t. You’re just ***igning attributes from one person into the product of many people šŸ˜›

Mullen: No, I know it’s the product of many people. XD

Muenkel: When i have a table and specify a onClick action for its rows, then even if I have a button in a cell, the onClick action for the row still fires when I hit the button

Reichard: How do i prevent this?

Gleaton: Noncom, you need to stop event propagation

Steinle: MinusFour: i need to somehow consume the event when executing the button action?

Desjardiws: Every time you click on the button, an event is fired and the event bubbles through its ancestors

Bogdanski: So, if button click event fires, then its parent click event also fires

Finseth: And its parent parent, and so on

Wiktor: Okay, this i understand, but how do i stop it?

Dames: That’s why you need to tell the event to “stop” at the button

Harvley: Through the event parameter being injected into the event handler

Fawler: Yes, i receive the event as the argument of the onClick function, right?

Lirag: I.e. domElement.onclick = functione { /* e is the event object */ e.stopPropagation; };

Ramp: So this method of e is what i was looking for

Zarrineh: Many thanks, MinusFour!

Tuholski: I’m using chokidar to watch multiple file paths, and it accepts multiple paths as an array. I have an array of supplier information including filepaths, and I’m currently mapping that so I get an aray of just filepaths for chokidar. However, this means I lose the rest of the information and I’d have to look it up again. I’m wondering if I should instead map it to individual chokidar processes so the information remains availab