Im in he hospital.

Taglieri: I don’t like cuteness in *absolutely* everything. But I like it in certain contexts.

Mccamish: I’m still an adult. :3

Dody: Cuteness factors somewhat into aesthetics, which includes style.

Bibbins: Sometimes, coding style.

Coplan: The dude is actually me, in the pics – im in hospital.

Cwiakala: However, I *have* considered naming my next cute typeface “Weeb”. :3

Jacot: _masochee_ on instagam – for those confused – watch on webstagram – I tagged chat too

Luter: I need to edit doe animal faces over mine

Olthoff: Http:// ?

Schwizer: BrooOoooooouuhhghhh *fallsover*

Fess: Thats a nice paint job

Pangallo: Airbrushing is so damn fun though

Ohren: You’re just posting stuff you’ve done?

Delaplane: Because you’re in the hospital and you’re bored?

Bobola: Lok how i setup my network in the hospital

Flotow: Time to play – coffee oxy an dilaudid on the way

Demel: I own http://yelpgang.comhttp://

Zetino: Rocking out to coffee

Piske: Anybody know how to check with js that the browser has the ability to use css filters?

Nita: Both your sites will launch in 206 hours.

Charisse: She brought coffee only, watch me work

Piske: Oh duh i should’ve just checked the modernizer source

Keesee: In my webpack.config I have alias section to load no requirejs scripts, how can I setup dependencies there ?

Storck: Fe. if one script is dependent from jquery

Steinhoff: JQuery has cute syntax. :3

Greeves: Is there a way to get console output to stdout in chrome based browser?

Stainbrook: Damn i have 30 mins so she gave me zyprexa or some ****

Drosick: Oh, while someone’s OT ill stay OT.

Elio: Seems it will require native messaging which means it will need an app that reads from stdin and writes to file, then have a script read it with tail -f or so

Crete: Seems someone would have already needed to do this and there would be a less convoluted solution

Reshard: Anyone here use gitlab?

Mckoan: Afroradiohead: don’t ask to ask

Mckoan: Afroradiohead: just ask your question

Mckoan: Afroradiohead: also #gitlab

Oregon: Gentleman: Have you ever played an old cl***ic video game called River City Ransom?

Mckoan: Afroradiohead: so what is the problem?

Dooner: It’s gitlab related, was wondering if anyone used it before i bothered anyone

Lenza: Why is the source there?

Mckoan: Afroradiohead: you are already wasting my time in figuring out what the real question is

Lomboy: Thanks for sharing your time then

Mckoan: Afroradiohead: all this chatter could have been avoided if you just asked the real question

Pelech: Dont ask to ask to ask

Mckoan: Afroradiohead: then I would probably refer you to #gitlab anyways, because this is ##javascript

Kissee: I am engaging you directly on ig prohobo

Strimling: Yes ill selfie for you look

Mceachern: You see that ink right, in the pictures with alot of the females / guns etc

Leuckel: Imma delete it after so.

Romanick: Use webstagram – he’ll link you

Balden: Let me know bro, ill show you

Guzzo: Its a direct flick, i cant edit it so

Jasper: Im waiting on your go

Mckoan: Origamido: are you using drugs?

Cooks: Im in he hospital man