Idk about anywhere else.

Osborn: Tcsc: that’s a good point

Feerick: It being different or it being more fun

Padmore: There has to be a better way of doing that

Gulikers: Tcsc: that you like what you do and feed off the . lost the word right as i was typing, feed off the feedback loop basically of seeing more done, doing more, seeing more done

Hannay: What does it even do?

Ayotte: How does fadeIn2 get run?

Cape: That’s kind of crap, isn’t it though?

Legrande: To me it seems like the big bucks are therefore only available when you’re doing something that’s horrible to do

Stover: Because as soon as you get into a routine and like something you’ll do it for less

Feerick: I dont think thats really true

Feerick: Senior engine programmers make a good salary

Feerick: But, you have to be really good

Kohus: Kamuela: if you have a particular in-demand skill, you can make good money and it doesn’t matter if you like it or not. machine learning, distributed system, .

Marki: Tcsc: you don’t have to be that good :p

Percey: Tcsc: or maybe i have imposter syndrome

Gregas: Any way to get the post parameters from a fiddle jsfiddle

Norzagaray: There’s a lot more that goes into getting paid than how good you are or what your specialty is

Feerick: You have to be really good to make a lot of money

Feerick: Its kind of sad but true.

Schleimer: Oh i’m an idiot, i misread something you wrote earlier

Feerick: And its’ not 100% true always

Goulet: Didn’t realize was game-specific

Yurchak: I know a very good games programmer who lives near me and was having a hard time finding good work

Feerick: It depends where you live

Jubert: Anyone here use React.js.? Is it possible to call an external function inside jsx script block?

Feerick: Sadly most of the work is in seattle i think

Valerino: I live in an area that does games dev boston area

Dosh: I’m trying to figure out how a codebase interacts with the dom

Fongeallaz: Not as much as ny though right

Feerick: I’m in boston area too and there isn’t that much around here.

Harnly: PyC***o, extenral function? JSX is “just javascript”

Lelis: I am trying to chain them

Harnly: PyC***o, you can use any javascript code in JSX

Ligas: Once fadeIn1 is shown and goes away fadeIn2 is supposed to Rummell and so on and so forth

Harnden: Krambal: sounds like you can just have a list of the IDs to fade in, and fade them in in order?

Feerick: I’m actually trying to find new work at the moment or enter the hell of making ***uely interactive websites and its pretty disappointing.

Raskey: I need them to fade in then out then move to the next div

Broglie: Krambal: rather than defining a bunch of functions like this, have two: one to fade in a single element, and one to chain invocations of that first function for an array of IDs

Kushiner: Harnly: i have two script blocks. One with my data function and the other the jsx script block.

Sweem: Tcsc: interesting, that seemed to be the experience of the guy i knew also

Hightower: Um how would you go about doing that

Louris: Unless you’re him and just changed your nick ;

Harnly: PyC***o, not sure what you mean, post a fiddle

Feerick: You’d think boston would be better but its all small indies

Harnly: Austin, Seattle, Boston, DC, Pittsburgh, Philly, there are plenty of jobs

Feerick: Seattle and austin are very big for games

Ousley: Pittsburgh and philly?

Feerick: And montreal and toronto

Feerick: Idk about anywhere else really