I would, just so you can.

Bidle: But really, you should filter, log the filtered values, and then count them

Bidle: Not do it all in one function

Sallies: Oh i wouldn’t use filter for doing things other than. filtering

Aschbacher: Are there any good books on ES6 yet?

Wilhelmy: Anyone know of a plugin/library that could help a basic duplication of the Tesla build order form? http://my.teslamotors.com/models/design

Thorn: Bazinet, can I use something like “points” : 1.0, 3.0, 2.0, 4.0, .

Billinsley: Bazinet, also it should be fairly easy to change the string data and just tell JS to p**** it as json

Brosseau: Hello. how do i use browserify to install some js project from a package.json and get an output bundle.js?

Klaft: Bazinet, nevermind I had a bug in my .js somewhere else which bottle-necked it

Bidle: Browserify doesn’t install packages nirakara, you use npm for that

Bidle: You then require it in your project and use browserify to bundle that project

Diop: Bidle, I’m trying to understand how this is compiled https://github.com/rothnic/swampdragon_react/tree/master/client so i can serve one js file with my Caligari app

Kinzie: Bidle, i have npm installed

Magallan: Anyone know of a plugin/library that could help a basic duplication of the Tesla build order form? http://my.teslamotors.com/models/design

Schnoke: Nirakara: have a look at browserify/webpack

Schwaller: Bidle, when i run npm install in that directory, i get https://dpaste.de/gvyP

Tornow: Nirakara, what exactly do i need in this case? As i understand their purposes overlap

Bidle: Nirakara: you can continue on to the second step there

Ferner: Bidle, then when i type npm start i get https://dpaste.de/zHKX

Neyhart: How can I have do***ent.do***entElement.scrollTop work for just firefox and do***ent.body.scrollTop for other browsers? I tried do***ent.do***entElement do***ent.body.scrollTop but it just picks the first everytime making it fail for Chrome

Dullea: Nirakara: try npm install ms

Delcamp: May as well use webpack ;

Jesenovec: Nirakara: and the same for every package it requires

Albarazi: Hmm, what’s the latest, most proper way to stick an HTML element at the bottom? is it via css or javascript?

Bidle: Nirakara: and that’s the only warning you get? in that case the package.json is wrong and as Xatenev says you’ll have to manually install and –save each dependency missing

Kilver: Layout and positioning, sounds like css to me

Handford: Javascript will def. lag behind and be jerky

Robison: What I’ve tried so far feels fiddly though

Broad: Ah, position: fixed; bottom: 0; and left:0; worked

Maggiore: Anybody wanna p*** me an idea what I can code in my freetime in JS? 😛

Barickman: Got some spare time atm but no ideas lawl :O

Brandorff: Maybe make a proper joystick cl***

Buontempo: Xatenev: build my game client in angular/react/riot? 😀

Bielecki: Gaumont: easy, gimme a min

Nored: Xatenev: yes, I need unit tests for http://prettydiff.com/

Nored: Xatenev: I have started a unit test framework to work from the command line: https://github.com/prettydiff/cliTester

Nored: It still has a long way to go

Siefker: Nored: unit tests doesnt sound that fancy tho

Nored: The test harness application is all about test unit structure. Test units can be ordered into groups in a manner that is almost infinitely extensible and deep

Nored: Xatenev: unit tests themselves are boring, but the test harness application is a challenge ;

Sapara: Bidle, wow its making me install each package independelty. do i need to do –save on all of them?

Bidle: I would, just so you can reinstall in one go if you need to do that again