I want to escape the string.

Suttin: AramKaram, if item == target

Tamm: Well i want fadeIn wait while an audio file plays then fadeOut

Harnly: Krambal, you shouldn’t do this with loops, because it is asynchornous

Allman: Suttin yeah but what does that line say about wasFound? it just says return the function when iterating item is equal to your target, but then how wasFound if statement ever becomes true? what changes its initial false value to true ?

Canori: Ok so i created an .off and .on in the css

Brislin: I’m a JS newbie and I need some advice, please. I have a set of elements DOM elements? in a jquery object, and I would like to use the find method on each of these elements using the each method. But the elements doesn’t seem to have the find method because they aren’t jquery objects? how could I do?

Brodersen: Now how do i use jquery to change the cl*** to off in each one of them ?

Suttin: AramKaram, the first time, wasFound is false, then it will be the return value in ” return item == target ”

Cone: Https://jsfiddle.net/6yyp4cus/1/

Cone: I think this is what you wanted

Valderrama: Cone, that is what i wanted exactly

Dumars: How to i call it on my do***ent ready

Blaske: Tcsc: sure but never really cared about making them

Cone: Just use jquery ready

Cone: Or shortand: $function{ . your code here . };

Harnly: Krambal, with plain JS http://jsfiddle.net/6znnqgq4/

Harnly: Ah, I put the if in the wrong place http://jsfiddle.net/6znnqgq4/1/

Harnly: Still throwing an error, anyway

Harnly: It is not pretty, but with proimises and such I can be readable

Brislin: If console.logfoo; displays div id=”u_0_y” cl***=”pam _5shk uiBoxWhite bottomborder”, what’s the type of foo?

Brislin: Cone: Does a DOM element has a find method?

Cone: I mean find is a jquery method

Cone: So you could do: $foo.find

Brislin: Cone: So it means I can’t do foo.find?

Frigon: So to call it it would be $function{animate250, 250, words, 0};

Harnly: Krambal, well, if you use jQuery might as well use Cone solution

Cone: It’s very crude though, just so you can get an idea

Odonoghue: I couldn’t get it to work

Rinehardt: I didn’t know hwo to call it

Harnly: Mine too, just gotta take what you can and make your own thing

Eckmeyer: Also i need need the divs to stay in the middle of the screen

Harnly: Krambal, use position: absolute for the words inside the container

Harnly: Krambal, this one seems to work though, https://jsfiddle.net/6yyp4cus/2/

Harnly: You can use next inside

Harnly: Not sure what the difference is with doing $this.dequeue

Brislin: Cone: Much better indeed! Thank you. :

Harnly: Krambal, and perhaps be more generic, p*** arguments to your functions etc, I think this is a slight improvement https://jsfiddle.net/6yyp4cus/3/

Harnly: The i is not needed though

Harnly: Unless you want to use it to slice the collection manually or something

Krause: Im not able to get that one to work

Harnly: Krambal, hmmm, works here https://jsfiddle.net/6yyp4cus/4/

Hartjen: Like it works on jsfiddle but when i use the code on the actual page it doesn’t show up

Harnly: Krambal, console errors?

Smsith: I dont think it is calling the functino

Harnly: Place a breakpoint, see what happens.

Cone: Here krambal: this is much cleaner

Cone: Without index or anything

Cone: Https://jsfiddle.net/6yyp4cus/5/

Hosmer: I want to escape the string like so in the cURL command https://gist.github.com/tejasmanohar/b80cef483c98edf894f7