I think only you can answer.

Deloria: Gunnerson, so the question now is. is there point in duplicating the code. if no, my argument goes back with him. on why he insist I shoudnt use .click

Hignight: Well, if you don’t want to fire the event in the elements parent then there’s a good reason to either share the handler or duplicate it

Habeeb: If he doesn’t want to share the handler, he might have his own reasons

Abrecht: Vmonteco: you can attach several mutation observers. Each mutation observer gets the same events. But mutation observers are a bad idea, and you should probably avoid using them anyway

Bridjmohan: What’s the best way for handling message commands /kick /msg /etc? I currently have a function with an object of command names and their handlers, and then parsing the message and call the relevant handler.

Corvi: But when you have 25 comands, handling all that in a single function can get a bit messy. so not sure what’s best.

Pyscher: Vmonteco: the approach taken by virtual-dom, react, etc. is a better one. It’s also more efficient.

Leaman: Makalak, maybe you can avoid bubbling the event, i haven’t tried

Galimi: Seems like jQuery has a method for this, http://api.jquery.com/triggerHandler/

Showden: Utils: if the commands have a well-defined syntax that’s the same across all of them like Shell commands, just p**** once and call the relevant function p***ing an array of arguments. If each command defines its own parsing routine, create a small p****r that delegates the rest of parsing to the parsing function registered for a keyword token, so /kick

Lisena: Foo bar would do p****r’kick”foo bar’

Mcdivitt: Gunnerson, that button is meant to make a video as watched. so there shouldn’t be anything in the parent that does another weird. since im checking the video html5 jsand making it automatically

Saffell: Hey guys, what’s the trending unit testing framework for people using nodejs?

Merica: I’ve noticed something just now. he’s saying that event shouldn’t be triggered, not sure if he means the actual click event, or what’s behind it

Mullennix: He probably means, the event shouldn’t fire on the element.

Disandro: And does that make sense to you. because he wasnt too good at explaining why

Rubloff: If in the future, any of the parent elements has a click event that gets fired accidentally because you just want to call the handler

Vandewater: Then i can see that as an issue

Ecklund: At any point, what you really want is to call the function ***ociated with the click event

Carkhuff: Not actually fire the click event

Hoage: Yes Dolby, they’re all /command data, data parsing varies but i use simple regex in the few command handlers that need a specific format. Here: http://pastie.org/private/tjlepa6hg6f1oxzbddsqha so you can see how it gets a little bit . “full”, and that to me is a bit . bleh. also for private message windows, there are certain commands that are not needed such as kick, mode etc so I have a separate h

Schauer: Andler for private message commands, and some of the commands are duplicated as they are both in normal messaging and private messaging.

Mordue: Hello. Drawing with canvas repeatedly requestAnimationFrame or setTimeout , becomes slow/unresponsive after a few seconds:https://jsfiddle.net/8bfzrzu0/ uncomment line 108: //requestAnimationFrameloop; to see what I mean.Is it because I am drawing the rect’s “incorrectly” or am I leaking memory?

Turrentine: Gunnerson, thanks for the help

Gardy: Dolby so basically I’m looking at a better way of handling it and perhaps sharing of certain commands between both normal and private messages.

Serino: Hey, i’m about to start a small personal project, and i’ve been debating between using angular and ember i have previous experience with ember, although it’s always been a little awkward to interface with the server because i don’t use ruby/rails

Sopp: Any opinions? it’s going to be pretty much a single-page app, just a list with some modal dialogs that appear when you perform certain actions on items in the list

Canary: I think only you can answer that question, honestly. You will find proponents for both angular and ember. Only you can make the decision if the tradeoff between 1. productivity in a known framework/platform vs 2. perceived feature gains of a “foreign” framework/platform is worth it for you. How much do you want to learn a new framework vs how much do you want to get a prototype up and running quickly?