I stopped looking at ES5.

Janoff: What if I live in Antarctica?

Ville: Before i went back to school for programming, i was considering signing up to go to antarctica

Kment: Gilgameshkun: then everything would be white I’m afraid

Lamoreaux: I think i would have been able to do it, since at the time i was already a technician at a research lab, and it seems like thats what most of the jobs were there.

Riser: Well, not most, but a lot.

Kment: Tcsc: do you regret it?

Torruellas: Gilgameshkun I feel for you then man

Kment: Tcsc: yeah I wouldn’t either

Maki: I hadnt thought about it in like a year

Ansara: Anyway, I’m not in Antarctica. I just might as well be. :3

Kment: Enmon: I can’t remember who with but I was in a conversation that talked about how all the approaches to building JS were ridiculous, but it was referring to browserify, npm, bower, grunt, gulp, etc etc. Webpack I think kills it

Hric: Kment: and you’re forgetting a few

Killilea: Somewhere orbiting the sun.

Herek: Javascript is accelerating more and more

Dybala: So different tools gets old really really fast

Ginnetti: In the redux docs, this https://dpaste.de/yVPG is one of the ‘seven middlewares’ presented. where is the function ‘cancel’ returned to if this is a middleware? also, is setTimeout async?

Henandez: It is creating a project with grunt, then migrate it to gulp and now webpack. In 2016 I will probably migrate it to something else

Crimes: Webpack is the first time i’ve been happy with my build system, though

Kment: Enmon: eventually there will be a justfkndoit and everything you want will happen

Weinberger: Gulp was a slightly better grunt, and webpack is significantly better than either imo

Kment: Including removing all references in the current project to other build systems 😛

Kirsten: Heh you could totally do that

Weisenstein: Hey you have an .eslintrc, well then we’ll lint your code!, etc.

Smigel: Use some regex to tell what test framework you’re using, etc.

Schwertfeger: What’s the standard way to retrieve an object’s constructor?

Kment: It’s not on the prototype chain?

Kment: That’s ES5 Schaetzle ?

Billingham: Or I think it’s always been there; it’s on the prototype

Troisi: B function Foo{}; new Foo.constructor === Foo

Sabala: Function Foo{}; new Foo.constructor === Foo

Wakley: Schaetzle: boolean true

Kment: If you install webpack globally do you really need to include it in your dev dependencies?

Schimming: If you want your project to be portable and installable with “npm install”

Hodgkin: Someone know a good router api for node ?

Schimming: Jacob___ have you tried the express router?

Schimming: Probably the goto one

Goldwyn: Schaetzle: Agree. Webpack managed to reduce lot of headache and configuration

Minjarez: Gilgameshkun: not all objects have constructors. And even objects that have been constructed by a constructor function aren’t guaranteed to have a .constructor property. Why do you want to retrieve an object’s constructor anyway?

Kment: After watching that egghead video on webpack I now feel like neo when he says “I know kung fu”

Lisherness: Typed arrays have constructors, right?

Ryant: Gilgameshkun: they have to be constructed by the constructor functions, they don’t necessarily have a .constructor property

Corwin: Constructor functions and the objects they construct are kind of entirely unrelated anyway

Kment: Dekok: is that because JS isn’t really cl***-based OOP?

Wakley: Gilgameshkun: string ‘Int8Array’

Messier: Kment: pretty much, yes.

Berdy: I stopped looking at ES5 long ago tho