I mostly use atom, but I’ve.

Kment: So you go into a philosophy cl*** and say you’re all wrong because a dictionary said so?

Kment: Also I didn’t say proprietary software was immoral

Strople: Im trying to store “modifiers” for an object so at a certain point in time – all will be applied.

Kment: I said expecting people to pay for your business model is immoral

Coral: Kment: same thing. But let us not continue this discussion here.

Wandrie: Alovelylad: “modifiers”?

Louks: Alovelylad: as in “operational transformation”?

Ventre: Alovelylad: I mean, what do you mean by that? Do you have an example of what you want to do

Leabow: I spose to put it into context im working with pixi.js and im trying to do a bit of rpg kinda stuff

Huling: Alovelylad: What is your definition of modifiers? Can you provide an example?

Stoltenburg: Nah not example really

Kastens: A non-working example? 😛

Lappa: It can be in pseudo code. Just something to show what you want to do

Stimac: I dont have hosting, ill try form an example

Wakley: Dekok: Show some code, but don’t paste it on the channel. For frontend code HTML/CSS/JS, you can provide a test case that we can run, so that we can help you: use https://jsfiddle.net , https://jsbin.com , or http://requirebin.com . For Node.js code, use sites like https://gist.github.com/ and https://bpaste.net .

Near: Gist is particularly good

Kment: Dekok: it’s not though, you can have proprietary software, control how you disseminate it, never show the source code, and never give it away for free. But the second someone else distributes something of it for free, YOU made the mistake. The person doing it is not in criminal standing unless he broke in to your servers or something, but that’s the crime

Kment: Not disseminating copies

Lyford: Aight ill work something up in gist

Kment: Sorry didbt realize how long that was. I’ll stop

Christodoulou: Kment: again, let’s not continue this discussion here

Depaul: Any suggestions on how to format this? https://github.com/MaxLeiter/IRCRacer/blob/master/COMMANDS.MD

Kendzierski: Ok see if this explians it properly : my code is all over the place in the real file tbh

Lubben: Https://gist.github.com/anonymous/1cf75fc4ec9796c51024

Oslund: Er also it should be obj.modifier0 i guess

Dais: Obj.modifiers.forEachfunction mod { mod.callobj; }

Dais: Just make sure that modifiers is always an array, and just push to it.

Dais: If you take the object as a parameter in the modifier functions, you can avoid the .call and this altogether.

Franqui: Hmm ok ill try and give that a go, one sec

Dais: Var obj = {state: {x: true}, modifiers: , modify: function { this.modifiers.forEachfunction mod { modstate; }}; obj.modifiers.pushfunction state { state.x = false; }; obj.modify;

Bresolin: Eyy thats missing a close bracket somewhere – my brain is too fried to see it haha

Tofani: Get a code beautifier and run it through; it should be pretty apparent where it is missing

Gramling: Fair point, im not great with this kinda stuff : i think i found it mnaually

Lalli: Ctrl-shift-b with atom beautifier is a common sanity-check in my workflow to see if I missed any braces

Ploszaj: I let my compiler tell me if something’s wrong

Krotzer: Babel gives pretty good errors

Giddins: And brace matching highlights do the rest

Stuchlik: Matching braces are added automatically though aren’t they?

Orizabal: Baxx, it gets weird sometimes

Ortez: Because sometimes it detects the closing brace is already there and doesn’t add it

Granroth: And sometimes it is there and it adds it anyways

Gederman: I mostly use atom, but I’ve seen this in other editors also