I mean, unless you count.

Engfer: Could be totally off on this

Piske: Where did you read that

Supino: I think I heard it from my bosses wife

World: Torkable: even if the outcome would be negative, it’d have to be quite a devastating result for our government to even propose the idea of criminalized it again

Timbrell: Torkable: besides, it’s not even legal; just condoned

Baranovic: Kalkman, Oh, I know. I just want to note that it’s not like /every/ American smokes.

Kalkman: Samssh: was anybody confused about that though? 😛

Garve: Even if they removed the national condone there wouldn’t be a single police officer in this country who’d arrest you for posession

Mcpeake: Kalkman, Probably not

Roscow: You don’t even get arrested for personal amounts of any other drug

Kalkman: Impaloo: /j ##impaloocomplainsabout##javascript

Piske: Well, unless you’re growing

Coriz: You can grow up to 5 plants

Lemme: There aren’t many other drugs that grow. they can’t arrest you for growing morning glories or peyotes, and I doubt they will for shrooms

Edmunds: That’s for the Netherlands, in the US you’d likely get a double life sentence

Riechman: Hello, how would i go about getting the id contained within the “for” on a label?

Kras: So many pot heads locked up for 20 ****ing years

Oshita: Merkazu: you can get any property, just get the ‘for’ property

Mckillip: Teh war on druuuuuugs

Richelieu: Someone help me out here, I’m not a front-end maestro

Varrelman: Just get the attribute of the label

Trosper: I don’t even know what front end means lol

Marbach: Then do***ent.querySelector’#’ + label

Christmas: Or do***ent.getElementByIdlabel

Yoquelet: Portugal is doing it right. Deciminalized in 2001, vast impovements in social health

Popovitch: He doesn’t want the ID of the label though

Barrero: He wants the ID of the input the label is for

Rainbott: The ‘for’ attribute of the label

Meyn: If I understand correctly

Delnero: Gillice: just legalizing weed in colorado helped a lot

Vanslander: It removes the ‘cool’ factor over time as well, which is what has happened here

Mole: The state makes a **** load of money and a lot of people are healthier and safer

Nordhoff: Teens don’t all want to get into pot because you’re not really a unique snowflake for blowing

Wesloh: Well, I doubt it makes less people smoke

Hyske: Now maybe forward that to the drugs for which it could really make a difference

Claytor: I’ve been to apartments with guns and **** trying to buy $10 of ****ing **** weed

Wedige: So we don’t get twenty 25x-NBOMe related deaths a year

Spuhler: Now you can walk a block and go to a store and not get shot or arrested or both

Disimone: Oh yeah I guess getting shot buying weed is more of a thing in the US

Masso: Getting shot period is a thing lol

Teager: Mostly by cops these days

Cipro: It won’t take long before it becomes part of the olympics

Ferreri: Cops shooting. you know

Russler: Xtra points if can get em in the back

Ohanian: Gold medal for innocence

Tatem: Well, now i feel silly

Mongar: I was using square brackets instead of parens for the attr

Schoepfer: No wonder why it wasn’t working

Valis: Too much PHP for one day

Fickel: I don’t think he’s using jQ though

Elbers: Es6 doesn’t allow thisFunction { } outside of an object literal, does it?

Vanhecke: I mean, unless you count cl*** literals