I hope someone can make a.

Bruso: Tcsc dude lol your diagram helped me a lot, I started making better sense of other recursions as well, I was working on this for an hour and I draw this beautiful masterpiece, it looks correct right? https://repl.it/BIxE/1

Elvis: It looks correct at rough glance. does it work?

Ingwell: I ***ume I shouldn’t be requiring a JSON file in a function?

Geryol: Or can I just do that

Ausburn: Hi, is there a way to check touchstart coords to see if the user tap a specific element?

Sitterding: I need to let the user move a line div with bottom-border 1px

Honas: But the value of this.text and $myPRod have exact value or not?

Mastrianna: Inside a full screen container

Kerzman: Why is require not asynchronous despite needing to load a file?

Stodgell: Gillice: because it would make everything pointless

Gollihue: Jak2000: what I said earlier, they are not the same value

Thiele: Jak2000: one has two spaces, the other has one

Ulch: Jak2000: I’m guessing this is because the DOM added artificial spacing when generating the text content

Kinsolving: Gillice: if require was asynchronous, then node.js would be a futile platform for developing applications

Smaldone: Jak2000 those two strings are not the same.

Felkins: L8D: yeah, I realized a split second after sending that that that would make things a lot more complicated

Mangicavallo: Is it in any way wrong to require a JSON file deeper down in an application?

Allinder: Has anyone messed with cubism

Maloon: Hapyt0wn: I’m an avid cubist

Luarca: L8D can you change the width of the graph

Floore: My 3×3 average is 40 seconds

Kaldas: L8D and robertmaxrees i understand, but why not see the second space in the value of $myprod variable

Caver: Jak2000: because Chrome hides it for some reason

Oxman: Hapyt0wn: the width is dependent on the width of the parent element

Ohme: Hapyt0wn: well, the width you set for the canvas

Ghane: L8D: I scaled the parent element.

Hickingbotham: It seemed it was dependent of the amount of data points.

Boyers: Can you send pictures through discussion?

Nold: Hapyt0wn: you can upload to an image hoster

Ohren: Hapyt0wn, make asciiart pics of it

Kluemper: L8D: I’m behind a firewall.

Camisa: I could ssh tunnel but I might get in trouble.

Videen: How do I p*** a this.variable into an anyonymous function and still be able to use it outside of the function?

Varriano: P*** it, or access it?

Noguchi: Like, you want to access the parent function’s scope?

Ostling: I’m seeing strange behavior with ajax. when calling an ajax request, about 10% of the time it fails to even make the ajax request

Gallian: Http://pastebin.com/AYrw1Y8X#

Peleg: I’m somewhat suspicious if window.location.replace is interfering somehow, but that isn’t called until after the ajax request. I’m honestly baffled

Badini: Any advice on what to use to create a UI like this? https://i.imgur.com/BsqzzK0.png The data would come from a server via AJAX or websocket. Also, despite the flavor text it’s not a game, so I’d like to avoid game engines unless they’re the best tool for the job.

Fridal: When it *does* fail, it doesn’t execute the error callback function either :

Massard: So cl***A has a property say profile. The profile property value is inherited from another cl***. so var cl***A = { property = ”, showProfile = function { render property } }; Now cl***B is a child of cl***A that also wants to render the property in parent cl***A. According to my officemate, it’s not seeing the inherited value when method is called in cl***B

Matton: Should be call, super, etc?

Storch: I hope someone can make a sample fiddle. it’s advance for my level